The Uprising, (1# The godlike creatures).

Many centuries ago, God's favorite son, Samael, got cast out of heaven and became the leader of hell. He reshaped himself and changed the name to Lucifer, leader of hell and all sins.

Back then, you got a choice...

Follow the leader of hell, follow the leader of heaven or lose your wings.
There were people, who chose to lose their wings and fall. There were people, who chose to stay with our almighty father, and then, there was i. I, who chose to get my freedom, as a follower of our dark brother.

But for some reason, it isn't good enough anymore. The fun isn't there anymore nor is the excitement...
My name is Landon, a former angel and now, a traitor to everything godlike.


1. Prologue

My black wings stretch out behind me, and out of my slim back. The wind is strong, and it is like a pressure under my wings, to fold completely out and fly. Fly to wherever, the wind wants to carry me.

After so many years, walking on earth and in hell, you would think, that I would get tired of walking, and to be honest, I am. There wasn't much to do, neither on earth nor in hell, and especially not in heaven. The reason for this, is the black death. It did all the things, a demon or fallen should do.

Sadly, I can't take the credit for the black death. It is made by Uriel, who funny enough, gets permission to play for both heaven and hell. That bastard. He created the perfect disease, in 1347, and it has already killed more than a million people, the past three years. A very effective disease.

Right now, I'm sitting on a branch, in the middle of the forest green. It is the great year of 1350, and I am just sitting here, eating an apple. Now, that I don't have anything to do in hell, because of the black death, I'm free to do whatever I want to do, and I'm using that freedom, here on earth. Earth is the closest thing, I can come to heaven, my original home.

Here, on the branch, I can feel the sun kiss my skin, with the first rays of sunshine. The sharp rays of sun, remind me of heaven, and its godlike light, that warms one another. The all illuminating light...

All of sudden, my attention is caught by a human, who is walking beneath me, humming. Or; I thought it was a human. Now, that I get a proper look at her, I can see it's a beautiful angel.

She has wavy, blond hair, that's goes below her shoulders, defined cheekbones and long eyelashes, framing the most fascinating, light-purple eyes. She is dressed in a battered, brown dress with a white, dirty apron on, and bare feet.

When I look at her, it's like I can see the heaven, in her kind and warm eyes. Her whole body, is walking with grace, and her smile is bright. For an angel, walking in a human's body, she isn't bad.

"It's rare for an angel, to be on earth..." I can't stop myself from talking, and therefore revealing myself, "but on the other hand, us fallen and demons do have the upper hand, now a days".

The angel's head turn around, and her eyes captivate mine. She is looking at me, as if she wants to uncover all my darkest, and bloodiest secrets. Her light-purple eyes, is watching me. The power flows from her, and it's clear to me, that she is a strong angel.

"Nothing to say? Demon got your tongue?" I hop down from the branch, and land in front of her, smiling like a fool. The female angel snorts at me, and looks at me, with distaste.

"I am not allowed to socialize, with lower lifeforms", My smile grow, by her snarky comment. She is looking at me, as if I’m actually a common demon. Can't she feel my true power? Is my deices so good, that she can't see, I'm a fallen angel?


"Ow, angel girl, you are hurting my-non-existing-feelings", She doesn't answer me but is just looking at me, with a spark of interest.

Her gaze is unsettling, and it's like, she can see right through me, to where my soul should be. Her eyes follow my body's conformation, and she looks pleased. She is definitely not, a normal angel. If she were, she wouldn't be looking at me, like this.

I clear my throat and catch her attention. She almost looks embarrassed, as if I care for that. I am handsome, and I know that. With my dirty-blond hair, and shining, silver eyes, I am a catch.

"I hope, you enjoy the view, angel girl", to my amazement, I see a small smile form on her beautiful face. She is trying to contain it, but I can see it, clearly. It looks like, I have intrigued her, more than threatening her.

"What is your name, demon?" A laugh almost escapes my lips, when she calls me a demon. I still can't figure out, why she doesn't know, that I'm a fallen. My power should give me away. A demon would not be as strong as me.

"My name is Haze, and you are, angel girl?" Her smile grows, and her eyes twinkle.

"My name is Iziris, one of the warrior angels. What position, do you have, demon?" The pride is flowing from her voice. Being a warrior angel is a big thing.

Warrior angels are angels, chosen specially by an archangel, to protect and serve heaven, more than normal angels. They are very strong angels, but also the most violent kind. They can hardly control it and aren't usually let loose, like this little one. They only get let loose, on a mission of great importance. The first warrior angel was Uriel, and everyone knows the story, of him and his way of changing sides when it matters most. This one seemed to have more control, than most.

"I am not exactly a demon, angel girl", I take a couple of more steps, to come a little more near her. As if her mere presence, will bring me closer to the gates of heaven. The funny part is, I don't want to go back there, and yet, I crave the light, Lucifer can't give me. "I'm a fallen".

Iziris face gets pale, the minute the words fall from my mouth. She looks at me, like I just cut her wings off, without warning. For another angel, meeting a fallen is a hard thing to do. They look at us, and see what happens with the people, who want freedom, only the dark lord can give you. They see the outcast, of a lost cause.

"Goodbye, fallen!" She starts walking, with quickness in her steps. It's obvious, that she isn't feeling safe near me, anymore-if she ever did. She already knows, what has happened to me, and doesn't need to know anything more.

"Can't you at least, say my name before you leave?" For some reason, I don't want her to go. I know, that she doesn’t feel safe with me, but her warmth is weirdly comforting.

"Very well. Goodbye, Haze", my name on her tongue, made my skin crawl. Her gaze on me is starting a hellfire within me. Her presence confuses me more than anything else, and I hate it.

"I will see you soon, Iziris, I hope", and I mean it. I really do hope, that we will meet again. Cause the feeling of being on fire, is a feeling I can gladly live with.

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