Horns on Hawks

Leilani Hawks. She did a great job of making her name remembered by her school friends, except its 20 years later and talk is about the disgusting crimes she committed against them. Only, they don't all get a chance to seek revenge as she is murdered on her wedding day. This unravels years of secrecy and criminal activity. But more importantly, who killed the devilish, red stained bride?


1. Springle Manor House, 2027

The music seeped in through the doors. The sound of laughter and fun circled the air where they stood, staring down at the corpse beside them, their bodies stunned still and their eyes full of fear. There she lay, ‘the dream-wrecker’, ‘the liar’, ’the bride’. The crystal white gown was drenched in thick, red blood which oozed to their feet. But still they remained stood. Silent.

Bella followed her eyes up to the three figures she saw in front of her. Three faces all looking down, all looking guilty. They all felt the urge to cry but could find no sympathy in their hearts for the woman who ruined their lives, one by one.

“So?” Bella raised her eyebrows in a judgemental fashion, accompanied by a snigger, “I wonder who felt handy with their steak knife?” 
Abbi sighed at the inappropriate comment. “It’s not funny! She’s a mother!”
“She’s a home-wrecker! Or at least she was” Eva muttered as she walked away from Leilani’s body, up to the open French windows which she closed along with the curtains. Bella pushed the silvery pink vanity table stool by the locked door. 

The girls began sat around the room, disgusted to even look at the corpse of the woman who was once their best friend. Perfume bottles and lipstick lay on the dark oak dresser, beside a silver, monogrammed heart locket they knew all too well. The gems stuck on the veil, which lay on the baby pink chaise, reflected the chandelier’s light around the bridal suite. The large wedding gown was hung on the back of the door to the en suite. 

Harper picked up the veil and threaded it in-between her fingers. “What are we going to do?”  
“Nothing” Bella said instantaneously.
“And forget about it?  How are we supposed to forget about it?!”
“We all leave and wait for someone else to find her. At least it will clear our names.”  Harper buried her head in her hands. 
“Our names?” Abbi asked, “You think it was one of us?”
“Only five people had keys to this room and they’re all in here now”
Eva looked down at the bloodstained floorboards, “Maybe Bella is right. We should just leave.”
“Trying to hide a guilty conscience, eh girls?” Abbi said, staring at Bella and Eva.
They shook her heads. “Then why are you so adamant for us to run away and pretend we didn’t see anything?”

The whole room was silent again. Everyone stared at Bella, waiting for an excuse but instead, she walked over to the door and turned the knob. “I could do it. I could open it and show everyone. But then what will happen? We will all get arrested. What will you tell your kids at home?” she sighed “I’m looking out for all of us. Not just me. We’ve got our lives on track. Now I don’t know about you lot, but I don’t want to throw that away. Well?” They all bowed their heads in shame as they agreed. “I don’t care which one of us did it and I don’t want to know. Let’s just get out of here before they realise we’re gone.” They cleaned their hair up where they had franticly pulled it with stress when they saw the body, put everything back where they found it and moved over to Bella.
“Eva, your dress.” Harper said as she pointed to the bottom of Eva’s teal bridesmaid dress that had been dip dyed with blood. Eva started to panic and scrubbed at her dress with her nails.
“It’s ok. You girls go and get a dress from my room and I’ll stay here.” They looked at the dress and her but remained still. “Go! Quick!” They started to walk around the body when Abbi said “Stop! Why has your dress got blood on it but ours haven’t? What was it? A wedding for a wedding? Should Harper kill her girls while we're at it?!”
“Abbi, I said I don’t care!” Bella said as she dragged her away. 

Harper tried to hide her tears of disappointment as she opened the door. But they didn’t get out of the room unseen. In fact they didn’t take another step. To their horror, there stood Kailea Hawkes, Leilani’s daughter staring Harper in the eyes. She looked at Eva’s dress and her hands which were thick with blood from scrubbing her dress. Then at the body of her mother on the floor. “What have you done to my mum?!” Once again the girls were stunned still, silently, internally praying.

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