The Cure

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  • Published: 25 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 25 Sep 2017
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So since I was four I've wanted to cure cancer. This is the day it happens...the day I administer the first dose and cure the first patient. I know that day will be so great but this is what I think will occur.


1. Administering the Cure

Rebecca Mader’s hospital room was silent except for the whirring and beeping of machines every minute or so. Rebecca was alone and had been since her husband had passed away from cancer three years before. Rebecca was sixty years old and she too was dying from breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

The woman with the icy blue eyes and bright hair was fading fast. Her room was full of balloons and teddy bears and get-well cards from her millions of fans from all over the world. She had fans from twenty years ago and some from only last week. Nevertheless, she had fans.

       Lana Parrilla walked in and cried when she saw her best friend in that state. She hated seeing Bex like this and wish someone would do something. Wish a child would care. A knock sounded at the door and Lana looked up. A nurse came in followed by a doctor wearing mint green scrubs and the doctor had a barely noticeable baby bump and was wearing a St. Jude lab coat.

“Mrs. Parrilla…Mrs. Mader has a visitor.”

“Rebecca’s sleeping right now.”

“I can come back later…I’m here all week.”

“Who are you? You look familiar.”

“I’m Dr. Kyle. I met you at Comic Con for the first time twenty years ago. I led Bex and you to the Lord. Bex got saved and you went back to God. It was a really good day when I met you.”

“How old are you now?”

“I’m 35…Just got out of med school. I’m expecting my first and second child. Whom hopefully I plan to name after you and Bex.”

“You’re the fan…you’re Mikayla. When you and I did a photo op you hugged me and said you were praying for me. Later at the panel you led to God and at the autograph line we took a selfie. You did the same with Bex.”

“Yeah…I still have those selfies. I love you Lana.”

“I love you too Mikayla. Twenty years ago,…why are you here now? How did you find where Bex was?”

“I’m a cancer researcher…twenty years ago when I met you I said I was going to cure cancer…that’s why I’m here. At every cancer research hospital in the United States five cancer patients were chosen and sent to me. I found Bex’s name on the list of cancer patients to receive a special test treatment of the drug I’ve been working on for five years. It’s a drug that changes the face of medicine.”
“Well…good luck Mikayla.”

       As soon as Mikayla turned around Rebecca Mader woke up from her sleep and smiled. Lana took her friend’s hand.

“Bex…this is Mikayla. You met her twenty years ago at our last convention together. You took a picture…she led you to the Lord.”

“Because of her…when I die I’m going to Heaven. I remember her…how could I forget the girl who stated with so much passion that she was going to cure cancer.”

       Mikayla walked over to Bex’s bedside and gave her favorite actress a hug. Then she gave a hug too.

“You two are my favorite actresses. I’m having twin girls and plan to name them after you both. My girls are one day going to ask who you are and I’m going to tell them you’re my heroes. Angels sent from God.”

“Mikayla, I’m sick and dying…why are you here?”

“Because Rebecca Mader…I’m going to cure cancer.”


“Bex you’ve been selected as one of the patients to receive one of the first thousand doses of the cure for cancer. It hasn’t been released to the world yet but as I administer the cure…millions even billions of people are going to look on.”

“Mikayla…I don’t know how to thank you.”

“You and Lana thanked me enough when I was sixteen.”

       Mikayla soon brought in the camera crew and had an assistant bring in a big briefcase. Mikayla’s assistant gave Mikayla gloves and then backed away. Mikayla unlocked the briefcase and pulled out a needle…a syringe and a vial fully of a bright green liquid. She then turned to the camera and began speaking.

“Today in front of billions of people I administer the cure for cancer. I’ve been dreaming of doing this since I was four…today I’m 35 and I’m living my dream. I never expected to administer my favorite actress the drug but here I am. Today you all witness the administering of the drug known as anti-carcinoma or decarcinomatin. And the plus is we already have a vaccine to administer to babies when a baby is born and to cancer patients that have already been treated to decrease the risk of getting cancer by 90%. The vaccine is called decarcinomacyllin.”

       Mikayla took Bex’s arm and took a deep breath. She was about to take a big step in the field of medicine. She turned back to the camera and stated.

“I would like to thank one person for this today. That’s God…sure he’s sitting in Israel right now on the throne of David but he’s also here. Even before the Rapture…it was God who helped me realize my dream and helped me find the cure. He was with me in the lab just a few weeks ago when I added one chemical that completely left normal cells unharmed but killed the cancer cells.”

       Mikayla prepared the syringe and injected it into Rebecca’s port. Then she put a slight dose in Rebecca’s arm. Then another dose into her shoulder. Then she took out her portable microscope with the projector and waited five minutes. After five minutes were up she drew a vial of blood and dropped it into her microscope. She projected the image and they all watched as the bright green liquid attacked the cancer cells and left the normal cells unharmed. Then after ten minutes Mikayla tested Bex for cancer….

“Today in the year 2037 Dr. Mikayla has marked medical history…today Dr. Mikayla gave the first cancer treatment that in 15 minutes completely killed off two types of cancer. Thanks to Jesus Christ our Lord…also present…cancer has been declared cured.”

       The camera man turned to Mikayla and she stared into the camera before smiling and saying.

“Finally, 31 years after I said I would cure cancer…my dream has been made. My dream has been succeeded. Sure a few weeks ago I made the cure but today my cure took action and it worked. I’m not the hero. Those cancer patients are the heroes because they fight every day. Today, they just…by the grace of God. By God working through me…today all those cancer patients finally got their own sidekick. Finally, they get help fighting and finally they no longer should worry about dying from cancer. Cancer can now be treated like a cold. It can be vaccinated like the flu. Cancer now is no long the top killer in the world. And I thank God for that…”


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