True Love

If you had the chance to tell the one you loved them after the died would you take it?


7. Work

Levi's Pov- Our first date was a year ago and yet I still couldn't believe that he had said yes. I still couldn't believe that the boy I had fallen in love with for so long was at last mine. I smiled softly to my self at the thought of his smile. "You can go home now." One of my friends told me pulling me from my thoughts. I nodded and headed into the back of the cafe to grab my coat and phone. The first thing I did though was check for messages from him. Then I rushed out the door to surprise him at his work.

I ran down the streets feeling the cool August breeze chill my cheeks as I ran down the side walks fighting my way through the crowd till the flower shop was finally in view and reach. I waved to Hanji through the window as I walked through the door. "Why hello Levi. What brings you to my little flower shop today?"She asked me in teasing way since she knew who I was here to see. I looked around the shop a bit confused at the lack of familiarity. "Looks different in here what did you do Hanji?" She laughed at my attempt to play off my embarrassment and played along with me like the good college friend she was. "I decided to try and experiment out with the shop is all." Just as she said that too Eren appeared from the back room with a clip bored hard at work. "All the inventory is counted and ready to go." Hanji smiled ruffling up his brown perfect hair and smiled at me in a cheeky way. "Okay good work today Eren you can go home now. Oh and before you go home if you don't mind can you open up the shop tomorrow for me I have to take a personal day."Eren smiled at her and gave a small understanding node before he noticed I was standing there and smiled more at me.

Before a single word could leave either of our mouths we kissed gently on the lips and hugged. "Shall we walk home then?" He asked me cutely which I blushed and nodded as we headed out the door into the cold night to find that it was snowing like on the night when I confessed my feelings for him. "Hey Levi. Have I ever told you how much I love you? Cause I really do you love you a lot." He said learning on me as we walked in the snow smiling to our selves as we thought of that kiss on that snow night neither of us would ever forget.

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