True Love

If you had the chance to tell the one you loved them after the died would you take it?


5. Snowy Night

Eren's pov- I found my self counting down the days until finally I could see him again. The shop closed early today so I had time to go home and change out of my dirty work clothes. I rushed home wanting to get there early and changed into a T-shirt and jeans with a hoodie and then jacket to keep warm out side. As I was heading out the door I grabbed my beanie and went to the park which was empty except for a few couples. I sat on a empty bench and started to talk to me self lightly. "You'll be okay Eren just breath." I did this now and then to try and calm my self down in situations like this.

Levi's pov- After work I quickly closed up shop and changed my clothes. I was in a rush to see him again finally. He hadn't shown up at the coffee shop in the couple days leading up to the date. However today I was finally gonna get to see him again and this time I would confess my feelings for real. I ran to the park as fast as I could hoping he wold actually be there waiting for me and not stand me up like the others in my past had. I sighed with relief when I saw him sitting alone in the park looking down at his phone as the moon light out lined him in its faint light. I laughed lightly as I noticed what he was wearing. "Your gonna catch a clod like that you know." He looked up from his phone and laughed looking down at what he was wearing. "Well look who's talking Levi glad you could make it."  He said in a teasing voice to me as he stood up getting 3 feet on me instantly. I blushed looking up at him slightly and then looked at my hands and started to nervously play with them. This was extremely  out of character for me but I couldn't seem to control my self. " I like you a lot want to know...WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME!" I practically screamed the question in his face. He smiled at me slightly and then stepped closer and bent down to my height gently kissing my lips. I was put off by it at first but smiled and then kissed back for a moment before he broke off to breath heavily as he smirked at me. "Does that answer your question Levi?"

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