True Love

If you had the chance to tell the one you loved them after the died would you take it?


1. New's at it's best and worst

Eren's Pov

"Eren! I have great news!" Hanji Zoe came running into the flower shop. I placed the new vase of roses I had just assorted and looked in her direction. "What's all the excitement about?" I asked her with a laugh. "My flower shop is go to be on the news!" She screamed excitedly so I screamed with her excited as well. I laughed and cheered with her but soon everything started to get blurry and fuzzy and the room was spinning. It was happening again...I was falling and I couldn't stop it."Hanji..." Was all I could manage before the world turned black as if some one had shut the lights off on me.

When I opened my eyes again I was in a hospital bed looking around the room at all my friends and seeing there worried yet relived faces. Mikasa noticed me and ran over to me and hugged me gently earning a grunt of pain from me. "Eren what's going on with you! This is the 3rd time this month you've passed out at work like that." I looked down and sighed looking at my bruised and hurt arms from the fall. I've always been really sick so I got hurt and bruised really easily even form the lightest of falls. "I'm not sure... I just get these dizzy spells now and then..." My sentence trailed off and I  felt my self falling again before Mikasa caught me and layed me back gently in my bed. Then something new happened to me and it left us all with a lose for words. I started to cough a lot and when I put my hand over my mouth I coughed harder feeling something warm and wet touch my hand. I slowly pulled my hand away from my mouth to see that I had coughed up my own blood and it made me turn pale and scared me. All I could think of was...'Am I dying...?'

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