True Love

If you had the chance to tell the one you loved them after the died would you take it?


11. Move Along

Eren's pov- Dying wasn't at all like what people had talked it up to be. There was no light waiting for me on the other side. It was just an empty dark space where I was forced to watch the ones I loved suffer well a person who acted like my ghost made contact with the ones I loved giving them false hope. What made it worse was that I was stuck reliving that pain of the day that I died with Levi well they all got to move on and live happy lives.

Levi's pov- Eren's funeral came and left just as fast he had. People would stop and give me there condolences but soon that ended too. It was like Eren never mattered and he didn't leave a mark on the world with all the smiles he brought to people. I couldn't just let his legacy end like that so I made it a point to never forget him. Well that and I couldn't exactly let him go either because I loved him so much. So I paid for a medium to help me talk to Eren. "Eren is here with us right now." She told me and I couldn't help but smile really big again. It  felt good and right to know that he was near by watching over me this whole time. "Eren would you like to speak to us?" She asked him but then quickly made a weird face. I jumped up thinking that something was wrong I jumped to conclusions again. "What's wrong! Eren! Are you okay over there!" I screamed out in fear but the lady shook her head. "He said he dosn't want to be contacted again. He has left us now I'm sorry Levi." I looked down but nodded understanding. "I understand thank you for giving me some closure at least." She nodded and left my house with out taking my money or anything. I waved her off and then shut the door and turned around I swear that when I did I saw his ghost walking into the living room. I had to hold my self back from running to him and crying out his name excitedly. 

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