True Love

If you had the chance to tell the one you loved them after the died would you take it?


3. Love is in the air

tLevi's pov I went out side and started to take orders all well watching his usual seat. The day went by pretty fast and soon it was almost closing time and there was no sign of him still. Then the door opened and the bell rang. I turned around and smiled when I saw he finally showed up. Better yet this time he was alone! "Hello sir can I take you to a table?" He nodded and followed me to a table that was seated in the back near a window. I gave him a menu and noticed the bandages. "Can I have green tea and a blueberry muffin?" He asked me giving me a fake smile after he quickly looked over the menu I had just handed him. I knew something was wrong cause his usual was Earl Grey Tea and a Chicken Sand which. He would get that and read a flower catalog as he watched me from his table. He didn't know that I knew he watched me every time he would come to visit me. "Not getting the usual today sir?" He looked at me surprised at me and blushed lightly. "Oh no...I wanted to try something new." I nodded and took his order down and then brought it into the back. When I came back he had a far off look in his eyes as he stared out the window lost in thought. I almost didn't want to say anything so I could just watch him and get lost in his eyes. "Can I get you anything else sir?" I asked instead causing his head to turn my way. His golden brown eyes meet with my dark grey ones.

"Um...just one thing. Would you mind sitting with me?" He asked me blushing and looking down a bit and it really caught me off guard. I cleared my throat and looked at Petra for some help but she didn't seem to catch on to it. "Go ahead Levi I can clean up here." She smiled sweetly and went into the kitchen but not before she gave me a big thumbs up and you got you this look. I laughed and took a seat across form him shyly. "My names Eren... sorry for the weird request...I just don't really feel like being alone today." He gave me a small laugh and I felt my heart melt a little. I nodded a little wanting to tell him that I knew his name and everything there was to know about him all ready but didn't as to not sound like a stalker. "I'm Levi it's not to finally get tp meet you for real. He laughed but agreed with me as we sat and talked about nothing real and everything at the same time.

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