True Love

If you had the chance to tell the one you loved them after the died would you take it?


8. Knocking at Deaths Door

Eren's pov- Four Years had come and gone so fast and before I knew it me and Levi had been together for five years in a happy relationship. Today Levi wanted to walk me to work which I was happy before. "Eren do you really have to go to work today?" I laughed and nodded at his disappointed face."Fine can I at least get a kiss before you go to work?" "Of course you can Levi." I said with a laugh as I kissed him gently and then unlocked the doors to the shop. "Levi I love you so much and I'll see you after work okay?" He nodded and walked back to his car waving to me before he drove off.

I went about my usual stuff and got the shop ready for customers. They usual came in around 9 so I only had a couple minutes to get ready which was normal for me. Thought today I had one come in the moment I opened the shop almost as if he had been waiting out side the store all night. The bell rung and I came up to the cashier with a smile to great the odd man before me. "Hello sir how may help you today?" I asked him in a cheerful voice but the man just seemed nervous and scared. "Don't ask questions just give me all the money!" He said in a scared voice as he held the gun to my face. I felt my heart drop in fear of him pulling the trigger but did as he said to do. I gave him all the money and in the split second he pulled the trigger any way and I felt my self fall to the ground in pain as I tried to stop the bleeding. I waited for the man to leave before I called 911 and Levi but never got the chance to speak as everything went black. The last thing I remember was Levi rushing to me and begging me to stay awake as the ambulance drove me to the hosptial all ready starting there work on my wound. Levi sat by me the whole way and just held my hand sobbing like a lost child. I was scared in that moment that I would die.

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