True Love

If you had the chance to tell the one you loved them after the died would you take it?


6. I love you

Eren's pov- I blushed as I kissed him and he kissed me back which I didn't think he really wold. When we broke off we were both panting hard to catch our breath I manged to get out a faint. "I love you." Levi smiled at me and gently brushed the hair out of my face tickling me a little. "I love you too Brat." We both laughed softly before looking up into each others eyes just as the snow began to softly hit the ground. I looked into his dark brown eyes that almost seemed to look black and smiled lightly. "So where are we going for this first date of yours?" Levi simply smiled at me then gently took my wrist and ran dragging me along to an empty field in the park where you could see the stars in the sky so clearly as the snow fell down. It looked almost like a scene from a movie and I found my self getting lost in it. "It's...breath taking..." Was all I could say at the time as I was a lost for words. I had never scene such a beautiful sight in my life before. 

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