True Love

If you had the chance to tell the one you loved them after the died would you take it?


15. End

Eren's pov- I couldn't believe that Levi was gone for real. I cried for a bit but then stopped at the sound of my name. i froze not sure what to do really because I was sure that no one but Hanji could see me. Slowly I turned around to see that Levi was standing in front of me smiling. "Levi..." I was happy to see him but also sad because I knew that it meant he was dead like me. " isn't real....I'm gonna close my eyes then open them and this will all be a dream." I closed my eyes tight and then peeked out but he was still there standing in front of me with a sad smile on his face. "Your not dreaming baby this real. I'm really here with you right now." He walked towards me and pulled me into his arms smiling. "It's been so long since the last time I was able to hold you in my arms like this." I blushed thinking about it but then remembered I was mad at him for doing it .

  I pulled away from him and frowned at him. "Why did you do it Levi? Why would you take your life like that."  Levi went to answer me but I cut him off again and started to scream out of anger and grief and guilt. "Did you think that seeing you again would make happy! It's too soon for you to die idiot." Suddenly though he got angry with me and started to yell back. "You were taken away too soon as well Eren. I spent every day miserable with out you. I'm finally happy again can you balm me fro wanting to end my life so that I could be with the man that I love again really!" I bite my lip and looked down after getting scolded like that. "I'm sorry...I just wanted you to be able to live your life a little more before you joined me is all." He lifted my chin up and smiled wiping a tear from my face. "Your my whole world darling...with out you in it my life has no meaning. I don't care If I died to soon it brought me back to you and that's all that matters to me at  this point." I sighed and shook my head kissing him with a smile. "I missed you idiot." He chuckled and kissed me back saying. "I missed you too brat."

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