True Love

If you had the chance to tell the one you loved them after the died would you take it?


2. Crushing

Levi's pov

 I got out of my car which was parked outside the flower shop. Only today the shop was closed with a sign on the door. "Sorry! The shop is closed today. Please come back tomorrow and thank you for your understanding." I sighed and went back to my car. "Damn looks like I can't see him today..."

I shrugged and got in my car. "Guess it can't be helped then." I put some classical music on and drove back to work. "Welcome back Levi!" The girls at my cafe all said kindly. Petra saw me and ran over excitedly. "So...did you finally talk to him?" I sighed and got my uniform on ignoring her for a bit until she started to pout and I knew I had to tell her. "The shop is closed today." I said simply and grabbed my pen and note pad to take orders. She smiled any way and got excited. "Well...maybe he'll stop by for his usual today and you'll get your chance." I rolled my eyes though deep down inside I hoped he would come visit still.

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