Way 2 Awkward

Neveah Williams is 17 and is completely anti-social. after a long summer of nothing, its back to school. Neveah plans to stay in the shadows of Williamson Highschool. Although it is kind of hard being the granddaughter of the school founder... thats when Neveah comes across Sebastian. the school heart-throb.
wanting nothing to do with him, neveah finds herself trapped. either stay hidden forever, or live her life a little more?


1. Awkward encounter


  “Smile for me.” My mother laughed melodically.

  “Ewe. No. quit.” I covered my face from the view of the camera and peaked between my fingers.

  “Why not?” she giggled.

  “Because I look so gross.” I pulled my shirt over top of my head and curled in to a ball on the lawn chair.

    “You’re so dramatic.” Mom rolled her eyes.

  “No I’m not. I just hate getting my picture taken.” I said matter-of-factly. I peeked out the top of my shirt and eyed my mother.

 “Ha! I got it!” She gloated.

  “That’s nice.” I lied.

  “Ugh! Come on Neveah; just give me one good picture.” She groaned.

  “No.” I tucked myself farther in to my shirt and brought my knees up to my chest so that my stomach wasn’t hanging out the bottom.

“Hey, your mother called.” My dad said when he came out on to the deck. “She said the church dinner is canceled tonight.”

My mother groaned and slumped her shoulders.

  “It’s canceled again? I’ve been planning this dinner for months so that Pastor John would have a nice going away dinner. Why can’t anything ever work?” She ranted.

  “It’s not his fault, Jessica. His mother is having heart problems. Would you do everything within your power to make sure your mother was okay, even if it meant you had to take many days off of work?” Dad said in a discerning way so that my mother would take his words to consideration.

  This was the thing about my parents. They were complete opposites. Honestly, I have no clue how their marriage has lasted for the last 20 years because if I had a wife like my mother or a husband like my father, I would crazy. In my family, my mother is the irrational decision maker. I bet you if it wasn’t for my father, she would be in jail right now for terrorism. Sometimes she goes a wee-bit over board.

My father on the other and is the peace-maker. He keeps everything low-key and in the blue. He calms down my mother exponentially in odd predicaments like this one. If it were up to my mother though, she’d probably kidnap Pastor John and his family and force the dinner to happen.

  “You know what Mike, you’re right. In fact, we’ll just have dinner here. Good dinner. Something greasy. Like Chinese. And… Neveah is coming with me.” She stated.

“What?” I pulled my head out from my shirt and put down my legs.

  “Go get your shoes on. We are going to go get dinner.” She said firmly.

  “Since when do we eat out?” I asked, excited for my favorite food…the already made kind.

  “Since I’m a stressed woman with a desire to gain love-handles.” Mom joked.

  “That’s good enough for me.” I went inside and headed to my room upstairs. My shoe bin was full to the brim with my favorite types of shoes. Adidas, converse, new balance, sketchers, etc. I pulled out my platinum Adidas and pushed my feet in to them.

As I went to head down stairs I glimpsed myself in the mirror. My dark brown hair was about half way down my back, not the ideal length but it’s getting there.  My shirt was grey and had a little symbol of American eagle on the left breast. IN this lighting you could see every one of my freckles, including the one I hated the most right beside my ear. My black leggings hugged my curves and showed every aspect of my legs. I was bow-legged and it was clearly visible.

  I don’t know why I was paying so much attention to the details of myself, but I just felt the need to. I took one last look before heading downstairs.

  “What took you so long?” mom frowned.

  “Couldn’t find my shoes.” I lied.

  “Right, let’s go.” She twisted her car keys around her finger and pointed to the door.

The car ride to Dragon Wok was horrible. First the car kept stalling in the middle of the road, then the engine light came on, and we were late to pick up our food. Finally we reached the Chinese place and payed up front.

   "School starts tomorrow." my mother said on our way back to the car.

   "Ew. don't remind me." I groaned.

    "Why not. it's a great school with great kids." mom frowned.

    "Really? because all i notice are how evil all the kids are." I replied flatly.

    "neveah. Stop. your grandfather would appreciate it if you at least took an interest in what he built."

  i  climbed into the front seat with a pout on my face and slammed the door shut.

   "Do you guys not realize that everyone in this school is awful. i cant walk to the freaking library without nearly getting murdered in the hallway with verbal abuse." i said.

    "You are literally the most dramatic person in the history of our family." Mom rolled her eyes.

    "Wow. Thanks mom." i glared at her.

    "I'm just saying... i mean, your sister had no problem socializing with her classmates." Mom said.

    "That's because Sage is athletic. the only balls i can catch are the bouncy kind. like in bouncy balls. that are rubber." i said.

    "Oh stop. you played softball for a while." mom started the car.

    "No. I played t-ball. there's a difference." I rolled my eyes.

    "Ah!!!! you are so complicated sometimes." Mom grumbled.

    "And you're so judgmental." i mumbled under my breath.



    My alarm let out three loud beeps in a sequence, signaling for me to get up. i slammed my palm onto the plastic and closed my eyes for a couple minutes of sleep.

    "Get up!" My mom pounded on my bedroom door.

    "Ughhhhhh." I groaned.


     "I am up." i lied. 

    the door opened and my mother stood in the doorway.

    "You have five seconds before i come in there and rip the blanket off of you." She said sternly.

    "But mom..." i pouted.


    I rolled out of bed landing on the floor.

    "There. im out of bed." i said.

    "Neveah. Im not doing this this year." She warned.

    I stood up finally and headed to close the door.

    'See you in ten."


    The bus ride was uncomfortably long and so was the walk to my locker. This year, instead of being close to the entrance where i can make my escape, i was at the end of the third hallway on the second floor with the other juniors. and guess who was by my locker? Mary Weinman. The girl who has tormented me since third grade.

    i took a deep breathe, looked around, and walked in to the first room i saw. which technically wasnt a room at all. it was a closet. a janitors closet. and there was somebody else in here. 

    "Um... Im looking for.... Clorox." I said.

   "Right. me too." The person cleared his throat.

   "Yeah... a wee bit dangerous, but ive got a... stain on my jeans."

    "And your'e going to bleach it off?" He smiled.

    "Of course. Bleach is an all purpose cleaner. Just like Clorox. i mean Clorox is better." i said.

    :Theyre the same thing." He chuckled.

    "Really? Are they?" i said, amazed at my stupidity.

     "Yes, they are." he laughed.

    "Wow. who knew?"

    "Clearly not you."

   "um... i should go."

    "Dont forget your clorox." He said.

    "That was a lie.' I said.

    "I know." He smiled again.

    "Okay...well, bye.' i turned to leave.

    "whats your name, Clorox?" 

    "Neveah... Bleach."

    "It's Sebastian."

    "No. Neveah. like Heaven bakwards." i said.

    "No." He laughed. "My names Sebastian."

    "Oh. Right. Duh. Bye." i quickly left and breathed a sigh of relief when i saw She was no longer there


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