Not yet......

submission for reincarnation competition


1. Not yet....

I stood deep in the surf,

taking one last look at the turf,

But the sand seemed to hold me back, saying,

Not yet.....


I walked into the sea's embrace,

it tried to push me back,

slammed me with waves, saying

Not yet.....


The water's gone 6 feet up my head.

My lungs are filling and I see red.

The air escaping me seems to say,

Not yet...... 


It takes 5 minutes flat,

as I sink to the sea bed.

Bloated and drowned.

 And I know this is death.


And then my blood 

goes green from red.

There a voice, it's not mine,

Not yet she says


The agony slits my throat as i draw breath,

being dragged away from the pall of the death,

but there's that voice again,

and "not yet" she says...


Legs fused, fins sprouted, green blood I bled.

this was no part of the stories I read.

I begged for release.

But "not yet" she said


Blood turned to muscle, and muscle to bone.

with feral intensity I darted to shore.

Not yet, I heard a voice say

And I think this one was my own....

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