From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


7. The Wizard and the Angel

We were inside, Mike came over to me with glass of water. Both Mike and Marcus were looking around. They looked more and more worried. They both were rushing around theirs house. I tried to ask them what I was. I threw the glass of water through the living room so they would stop running around. They both got scared and looked over me. They looked at me nervously. I waited till they would say something.

“Okay, erm… well do you want to know what you are?” asked Mike nervously. I looked at him I was so annoyed.

“Obviously” I said to them. They could see I was angry and confused. I always thought I was a someone important but never believed it, but I was more than just a human, apparently, I was something else.

“Well, you are a wizard, and yes there is different between a witch and a wizard and no it’s not about the gender, we will tell you everything but not now we need to hurry up, because we are in danger” said Marcus very kind but though. I looked to his eyes expecting to see some kind of emotions, but he said cold. I expect that Mike would began to laugh and tell me it was a joke but no, I got very confused. A wizard.  The first though was Harry Potter. Mike went behind me and whispered in my ear and said, “No, it’s not like in Harry Potter if you had that though” I laughed a little bit. While Mike and Marcus were running around and doing something, I just stood there totally confused. My eyes glanced over to the window to see the witch hers heard against the window. I felt uneasy. I couldn’t warn Marcus or Mike, the only thing I could do was to stand for a moment until felt. I passed out again. It was like every time I was the witch I passed out.


When I woke up again. I was in totally different place. I was laying on a couch. I went up. I looked around. There wasn’t really anything in the room. I looked like a normal living room. I heard some footsteps from the door, I looked over and Marcus opened the door. I smiled at me. He went over to me said “Hey, how are you?” I looked at him and our eyes met and for a beautiful second I felt okay. “Don’t freak out.” He took my left hand in his hand and he took my right hand and hold it up, both our hands were touching, then suddenly a beautiful white light came from our hands. It was so bright that it turned the room completely white. When the white light from our hands stopped, we were in another room or place. I still was holding hands. We were in some kind of a castle. Marcus hold tight on my hand while he dragged me to another room. Mike was there on a computer. I looked funny to see a MacBook and old furniture’s together. Marcus let go of my hand but I could still feel his hand. I tried to remember the feeling, because I was afraid it would never happen again. Mike were looked up from his computer and smiled to me. I heard a familiar voice behind me. I looked over and saw my best friend. I had totally forgot that Mike and her were together. She hugged me tight. We hadn’t seen each other since the strange things were happening.


“Sorry I hadn’t been able to write to you or call, my phone doesn’t work here.” She said, at first couldn’t really understand why she was there and how I got in that castle besides I guessed it was magic. But why was she there. She took me by her arm and dragged me to the window. I looked down and saw the castle was floating. We were up in the sky. She looked at me. She wanted to tell me something, she had that look in her eyes.

“I need to tell you, that I am an angel, my duty was to be your arch angel.” She smiled nervously and waited for my reaction. I looked at her with open mouth. “Are angels real and wtf.” I said just to let her know I wasn’t going to pass out again she laughed and hugged me. I always knew she was some kind of beautiful warrior, but never thought she actually was.         


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