From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


13. The Spoken Ball

The night felt long and short at the same time. It was hard to be alone in my head the whole night and not seeing Marcus or Mike. My head began to forget about love for Marcus and all the memories I had when I was a kid. I was walking around the forest and saw pound, for all my curiosity I looked and saw a reflection of myself. My pupils were big and my eyes were red. I could see the veins in my face were black. I knew in this world it wasn’t a normal pound that didn’t meant that it wasn’t true what it showed me but I knew I could do something with the water so I took my hand into the water and took it up. It wasn’t dripping it was solid. I had an idea for what I could use it for.


I began to experiment the water for its use. I had read about the water in one of the books that Marcus and Mike had. I could make the water to a spoke ball. I wanted to see and hear what Marcus and Mike were doing. I used a spell from the dark wizard book. There was a warning on the first page when I read it, it said with big red letters “I want you, this book is to learn about witches and theirs spells do not perform any of them” I remember most of them and I wrote lot of them down on a paper but when I ran out of paper I just began to write on my legs and arms. When I was done making the spoke ball I began to look into Marcus. He was together with Mike and other wizards that I had never met before but I had seen them but never met them. I could hear them talking. They named me several times. They were talking about me and what had happened to me. I began to be furies. They said they would begin a way against me. They would attack me in the morning. I threw the spoken ball to the water and the water took it back. I ran over to my cave and began to be ready for the war. How could he do it to me. I love him and I know he love me.


That night I began to walk on the memory land as I call it. I looked through the memories about my mother leaving me with my brother. She was angry at my dad not knowing why. My mother took a vase and threw against the wall and she began to hit my dad. My brother and I was looking until she looked at us with red black eyes. I wasn’t sure if I saw that I just hallucinated but both my brother and I began to run to my room screaming. We shared the same room at the time. We locked the door and hoped that she couldn’t open the door but we were young and naïve. She hammered the door until it felt to the floor. I mean it was only a tree door. She stood there over us but our dad came and took her from the behind. She was screaming and hitting him. There got some kind of power over her and she threw dad to the wall so he felt to the ground. She looked at us and walked over to us. She looked at us with her eyes, black red eyes, I got goosebumps of them because they were so powerful. She looked at both of us until she took her hands and put them to my brother chins. His eyes began to be like moms. Black and red. His veins began to visible, he couldn’t breathe. She took him and walked away. My dad was passed out and I was too scared to walk after them. After that I went to a psychologist, she made me believe that it wasn’t true what I had seen. But now I know what I saw and I know it is true.      

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