From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


9. The spell

After the long day before continued the next day just as weird as the day before. First thing we should do was try to do magic. I had never really been good at learning so learn something so totally odd was nerve wrecking. I was scared to fail in front of Marcus. Lucky for me Marcus should do something before he could help, therefor it was Mike who helped. Mike was a great teacher. He knew how I would complete the lessons. The magic came naturally to me. It felt like I had done it before like a million times and I already mastered it. Meanwhile was Marcus in town to get something that they wouldn’t tell me what it was. A secret. Or perhaps just a surprise. I was trying a spell called the luciux spell, the most powerful spell that I had ever tried. When I tried to perform it, for some reason it just was perfectly done and Mike’s eyes got big and he got scared. He was terrified. There was white and black almost dust came out from my hands and up in the air and I could feel the energy and I felt the power it had. When I stopped perform luciux, Mike went over to me and took my both hands and looked at the inner side of my hands. Mike looked at them like he would predict my future but instead he dragged me inside and said nothing. Was luciux really that bad?


Since Mike dragged me inside again, he left me. He went to another room and didn’t came out after long time. I was alone in the castle or rather it felt like it. Mike was in his room doing something I had no idea of, and Marcus he was in town. My best friend- the angle- was around but to be seen. It was her purpose not to be seen of me snare said she would make me stronger if she wasn’t around. I understood that but it got so lonely to be in the castle all alone. There was not really anything to do alone. I tried to knock on Mikes bedroom door where he locked himself inside. For some reason, I got no response. I went outside maybe to try to perform the luciux spell again but I guess it wouldn’t be amazing idea since Mike got scared and walked away. So, I tried the other spells. In the end, I couldn’t stop myself. I started to perform it again. When I was half way there with black and white dust coming from my hands I heard someone yelling my name. I looked behind me and almost a shadow figure was trying to talk to me. I got hypnotized of it and I deeply wanted to follow it. I got soft knees and I almost felt to the ground and every sound just go blurry. The shadow wanted me. Somehow the shadow just disappeared and my knees gave up and felt down. I looked around to see Marcus and Mike. They killed the shadow. Marcus ran over to me. He was angry.


“What the heck, what were you thinking!?” I looked at him speechless. I had no idea if it was that big of a deal since Mike helped me to perform luciux. “Do you have any idea how it could had ended? And how do you even know the spell?” His voice was calmer but still tense and angry. I looked at him and said nervously “sorry, I thought I was allowed to do it since Mike helped me” Marcus looked at Mike and Mike shakes his head like he had no idea of what I was talking about. I looked at them and I began to freak out a little. Marcus was holding my shoulders so he knew I wouldn’t run, since I didn’t ran away from him was proof enough that I had no idea what I actually was doing. It began to rain so Marcus let me go and we all went inside. I was behind them and I felt like a complete loser. Marcus was angry that I did what I did and I had no idea what was so wrong.


When it was beginning to be night and we were all in the living room. It was complete silence. Both Mike and Marcus were on their computers while I was sitting in the couch and just starred at the paintings on the wall. I could feel sometimes that Marcus were looking at me. Mike stood up and walked away. He had taken his computer with him, so I knew he wouldn’t be back right away. Marcus went over to sit with me. He took my hand so he could hold it. I looked at him. To be honest I was a little angry and ashamed of what had happened. He held my hand and looked at me. I knew that was his apologies of what had happened. We were both on our side and looked into each other’s eyes. Then suddenly he said that he had bought something for me. We both went to another room and there was a tiny little white box on a table. “It is a weapon, you can choose what kind of weapon you want and need in a situation.”  I took it and held it in my hands and it turned to a knife then it turned to a box right after again. “I will teach you how to use it tomorrow.” He sounded tired. He took his arms around me and hugged me. We did it for a while then he said goodnight. We both went to bed and I got my kiss on my chin again.


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