From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


4. The long research

The morning after was harder than I thought it would be. I hadn’t slept all night because I was doing my research on Mike and Marcus Turner. There was nothing on the internet not that I could find. I search for the key word for that creature that was in my room. Dark long hair with painful long nails that looked not human. Nothing came up. Not that I thought it would but I had to try. I’ve search the whole night and I found out that creature was from a myth -couldn’t find out from where or when- the myth was told to teenagers so they wouldn’t do anything bad. I couldn’t find the story anywhere. It was Monday morning and I was on the way to school when I heard someone yelled my name. At first I thought it was my best friend as usually but it was Mike. Mike stopped me.

“Did you found anything about that creature that made you pass out? “he began to laugh, I had totally forgot that I had told him, I guess I couldn’t had done anything else, I mean he gripped me when I passed out. I said what I had found out. He said what he had found and there was nothing he could find. Not with anything I had told him. He wanted to follow me at school but I had no idea if I actually was going to school I wanted to find more information on Mike and the creature. Mike said that I shouldn’t be alone. I wondered why. I said that I wasn’t sure about if would go to school. He said I needed to do that. He would find out more information about the creature. He followed me to school.


My best friend came up to me. She began to talk really fast. I couldn’t really understand a word she said. She was out of breath. Then I realized she was scared. I asked if she would repeat it again but she just looked at me. She asked me why I hadn’t taken any of hers calls. I wanted to say the truth but I knew that wouldn’t be smart. She was really nervous all the time. She had never been alone for too long and she barely knew how cruel the world could be. I knew if I told her the truth she would either not believe in me or she would scream. Or both. I took by her arm and took her to the class. After the school was over I saw both Mike and Marcus. I looked at them. They both were very handsome. Normal people would call them hot. Mike had blond hair and Marcus had brown. I could stare at them for hours and not even blink. They looked like angels that was close to God. I went over to them. I should follow them home.


I sat on the couch. I only been there once before. Marcus sat next to me while Mike was in the kitchen. Marcus and I talked until we were interrupted be my phone. It was my farther who rang. I took my phone and locked it. I wouldn’t be interrupted again while looking into his eyes. Something about his eyes just yelled home. I knew his eyes. His eyes were golden brown. The beautifully eyes I’ve had ever seen. Mike came out with a glass of water to me.

“Okay, Marcus and I we had search for that thing you saw, and we found out that it’s a myth, and it goes to people to people. There was once a little town that used to serve some witch. If they didn’t serve the witch would be damn forever. And everyone who ever lived in the town while the witch was in control would see the witch and be either killed or tortured by her. And it would go for generation. But it also said that every soul would go back and save someone.”





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