From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


2. That Saturday

I’ve said to my friend what had happened, she just told me that I shouldn’t freak out and just go to sleep. But I was still freaked out, so I asked her if I could sleep with her or go for a walk. One thing you need to know about her is she never says no to go for walk. Her family was always busy when she was younger so she never walked around in the neighborhood or anything, until she moved where she lived close to me. When we became friends we always went for walks and it became a ritual for us that every time we weren’t okay we would walk together just to clear our minds. We didn’t need to talk or anything- that was the good part- but we could just walk and sit on bench even if was 3 am on a school night while raining, it was just sweet heaven for us.


After the walk, we went back to ourselves. I felt asleep right away. I was so tired for that week. When I woke up that morning I’ve heard footsteps downstairs. I went down to see my farther stressed about something as usually. But could feel there were something more wrong than that. I asked him why left last night and where he went. He stopped everything he was doing and just stared at me. I got worried. He said that the work called him. I believed in him- not actually but that was the thing I tried to convinced him about. My plans for the weekend was to text my best friend and just watch Netflix - her Netflix account that she had no idea about that I used- but after how my dad was acting out, I didn’t really want to be home. I went to town. I went to the local library. I began on a new book, and that book became four to nine. After the ninth book the librarian told me they were about to close. I saw the clock and it was many. I got my stuff and went out. It was already dark. There was two ways home and one of them took an hour and the other was scary. Of my stupidity, I’ve took the scary road in the forest. Half way there I could hear people talking in the woods. Usually no one was there, but it was Saturday, I guessed it was a camp or some random kids who should had been home, but no it wasn’t that. For my surprise two handsome men came out from the dark. I listen to music. They looked at me and smiled. I was about to walk away when one of them talked to me. Without realizing it we talked for five minutes, before we walked again. They just passed to road and went on the other side of the darkness while I followed to path. Not long after I was home. My father wasn’t home, not that was a surprise, but I got home and not long time after, I felt like I wasn’t alone in my house.


I looked around the house, I still had the feeling that I wasn’t alone. I tried to call my best friend on the phone but she didn’t take it. I guessed she was with some guy. I called my dad, but no response. I took a deep breath, and walked outside. I walked on the other side of the streets. I looked up one window, and I saw a person. I had never seen the person before. I couldn’t see what gender it was. Before I realized it, someone grabbed my arm. I was walking on the road to my house, I was really close to get hit by a car. I hadn’t noticed it who grabbed me, but I looked up to my window to see if the person was still there. It wasn’t. I looked at the person who grabbed me. It was one of the guys I met in the forest. I was in shock. Embarrassing for me I passed out in his arms. 

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