From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


12. Prey

After we kissed, everything was like it was before. There were some kind of sadness over me. Marcus and I slept next to each other that night. He asked me if we could and I said yes because I didn’t want to be alone. When I was sure he was asleep, tears would fall down my cheeks easily. There was something wrong with me and I was sure it was something in the woods that made me feel that way. In the middle of the night I walked to my room. I walked around like a crazy person. I began to panic. I felt on my knees by worrying too much. That had happened once before when I was ten. I began to walk over to the library to read about monsters.


Marcus woke up around eight. He found me soon after in the library. I could see he was worried about me. He could probably see that I didn’t felt okay. I was sitting on the floor with lots of books around me. He went over to me, sat on his knees and kissed me. I thought at first that my heart began to beat fast for happiness but no, it was because I felt something dangerous. I pushed him away. I looked extremely scared. I had no idea what went over me. I stood up and walked outside. He didn’t follow me or anything. He was scared and in chock over it. I outside to take some air. I felt empty, sad, scared and angry. Those feelings took over me. I could feel some kind of spell over me. I had closed my eyes to feel the air but I opened my eyes when I could feel someone near. It was Mike and Marcus. They looked serious and they were ready to fight me in any moment. I was looked at them scared but deep down I was ready to fight them and I wasn’t scared, not at all. I was ready more than ever and they probably knew. I said a spell that I had read in a book. So, did they. I said a spell so I could run away and hide. I was somewhere dark.


I felt like an animal waiting its prey. I went to the forest where it all started. I found a cave that I could hide inside of. I cut myself to put my blood on the walls to make sure no one would come inside. I was waiting for my preys. One moment I felt so angry and happy. My dark and light side was fighting to take control of me. My veins turned between black and white. I could feel my eyes turn different color. I could feel my veins showing everywhere. I turned to an animal, a monster. I was screaming without any idea why. I could feel pain but it didn’t bother me. I was felt to the ground. I could barely catch my breath. My body was fighting and I had no idea what any of it result to. I was not the same person as I was before. I was someone else when I kissed Marcus. I was a different person in the real world. I wanted it stop. I turned dark and it made me crazy. So many unknown emotions. I would rather die than hurt him. I begged it to stop. Loud noise came from me, from pain it had body in. What it was, was unknown to me. I turned dark and I was no the wizard that I hope I would be, no I was dangerous to Marcus. I still had a conscious that made me so damn confused. I was ready to drawn blood from theirs body and the same time ready to kiss Marcus and been hold by him.         


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