From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


6. Panic attack

I hadn’t slept all night. I had been scared of my dad. He had been so weird and I had no idea what he could had done or would do. I was laying in my bed. I had change my clothes and I was ready to school, but I would rather figure out more about the creature I saw and what Marcus and Mike know about it because they had been telling me lies. Lies about what they know. I know they know more and they had seen that thing before. I had been in my room all night. Too scared to go out. My dad would had been at work but he was still downstairs and walking around. I tried to be brave and walk down. When I was at the stairs I looked down and saw my dad directly in my eyes with full black eyes. He looked like a demon. He began to scream and said some words in Latin. I looked confused at him before I realized he was running towards me. I took my phone to take a photo so I knew people would believe in me. I ran so fast that I could to my room. He was right behind me. I forgot to close the door. But he didn’t come in. He couldn’t come in. There was some kind of a spell to my room. I closed my door. So, he wouldn’t be able to see me. I took the alternative way out. Out of the window.


Jumping down the window from my room was nerve wrecking, I had never done that before. I saw Marcus. He was standing on the other side of the road. To see Marcus made me happy but when I jumped down I hurt my foot even more. My dad could apparently hear my so he rushed outside. He still had black demon eyes. He was angry. I turned around and I could barely move. When my dad was right in front of me looking into my eyes with his deep black eyes that could make a grown man scream. But he stopped right in front of me. His began to walk backwards and the door closed itself. I turned to at Marcus I expected he would freak out like me but no. He had a smile on his face and he had some kind of a tattoo on his arm that glowed. I ran over to him. I was scared. I looked at him expected him to say something. He grabbed my arm and said to come with him.


We went to the forest where his house was. When we showed up Mike was there, fixing their car. I asked them what was going on. Mike laughed and said

“Well, I’m dating your best friend” I looked at him.


“I guess that is not what you wanted to hear?”

Marcus looked at us. I looked at Marcus and asked him what the hell is happening.

“Well, we are not normal humans, we are some kind of wizard and monster hunter. We kill monsters with magic”

He said it as nice as possible but I got confused. My whole life I’ve been told and punish for believe in magic and fantasy. My mom once told me to stop believing in all those stuff, I was around 3 years old. That hurt but not long after she left and I was alone in my fantasy world. I looked at Marcus, I was about to fall when he catches me. Mike was in the background holding eye on something. Marcus helped me to sit down on the ground. We were still outside theirs house. Marcus hold my hand tried to calm me down. His hand was warm and smooth. In that moment felt so light. I was about to get a panic attack because of everything I was told was a lie but Marcus was there. He helped me through it. He calmed me down.

“We know what your mom told you as a child. We know how you feel. Calm down. We know more things and we will tell you everything.” Marcus looked around and stood up. He raised me up and took my arm, and tried to help me inside.

“something is coming, you need to come inside we will tell you who you are.”

I could feel it down my spine. His word confused me. They knew me more I knew myself.  



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