From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


8. Love

I was sitting on the couch, just to let it all set in. There was lots of questions but I wouldn’t ask any of them. While I sat on the couch both my best friend and Marcus went to the kitchen. They wanted to make soup to me. It was very sweet of them since my favorite food was soup. Mike looked up from his computer and looked over to me. He went to sit next to me on the couch. He turned over so we would make eye contact.


“Are you mad about I’m dating your best friend?” He asked almost so I couldn’t hear him. He was scared that I would be furious about it. To be honest I was mad at first when I heard she had a boyfriend, I never had one and she always had. She wouldn’t do anything else than be with him but this time I could see the bigger picture. They loved each other. I knew that. I could see it in her eyes and smile, she was happy and I knew the look that it was about him. And Mike he wouldn’t ask if he didn’t mean it. I smiled to him and said “I’m not mad at all rather happy about it.” His eyes glowed up and his smile, was so bright. He wanted to hear that for so long. He stood up for to go to his computer again. “You are someone special, I hope you know that, because barely any wizards or any creatures would save another wizard.” I looked strange at him. What did he mean? Why wouldn’t I be saved no matter what? I just smiled to him, then he began to tap on his computer. Then Marcus came into the room and said there was dinner.


It was a great soup, but at the dinner table it was awkward. My best friend and Mike was on one side of table and Marcus and I was on the other. There was no talking only the weird sound when you eat soup. After the dinner, Mike and my best went to do the dishes, and Marcus wanted to show me the house. He told me about his family and how they lived. The moved for some reason he wouldn’t tell me about. I didn’t mind. I know people have secrets or stories that they rather want for themselves. He turned over to me so we would look into each other’s eyes. He had beautiful eyes that gave me chill up at my spine. Was that love? I thought it was but I barely know him, but I felt like home with him, the lost long home that I would beg my dad to give me. I had no idea if he felt the same way, but the way he looked at me, he could see me, he knew me, I could see that, just to look at into his eyes. We looked for a second till we began to walk again. He showed me the whole castle. He explained that the castle was theirs home for now because it was the safest place they could be. He explained about lot of things but I only listened to his voice the whole time. When I was about to go to bed I said goodnight to my best friend and Mike. I couldn’t find Marcus anywhere. I went to my bedroom, to see Marcus was standing in his pajamas while making my bed. When he was done, he went over to me and said goodnight. We were close to each other and I could feel his breath. He holds around me and hugged me. The best hug I’ve had ever received. I was so sad and confused about all the things that had happened without I knew it. The hug made me cry, he just holds me tighter. He said nothing just held me. I could feel his muscles getting tighter while hugging. When he stopped hugging me, I stopped crying. He looked into my eyes and kissed me by the chin and whispered “you will be just fine.” Then he went walked away. My heart skipped a beat. I was in love.           

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