From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


11. Heaven

The whole night I was reading about the world. Marcus had said goodnight to me and gave me a kiss on the chin, but this time the kiss felt nothing. I didn’t think about it at all but I could see that Marcus could I couldn’t feel it as strong it once was. I know the spell might have something to do with it. He wasn’t very pleased about me not liking it. To be honest I would rather have a real kiss on the lips. The morning sun came up and blinded me I realized I had been up the whole night. It was around 4-5 in the morning but I didn’t felt tired. I gave myself a little sleep before the day starts. When I woke up again it was around eight. I wasn’t tired. I was a little grumpy but I was so annoyed about the kiss and everything. I wondered what Marcus were doing in the morning. I barely saw him in the morning. I looked outside the window and I could just feel something. Something that would happen today. Something magical and dangerous. Right beside the flying house I lived in was a forest. I wanted to wander in the forest and really get out the house. I hadn’t left the house since I got there. I put some clothes on and was ready to go outside.


I wander inside the forest. After I had walked for a good hour I could hear music. Some kind of instruments like violent and piano. I tried to follow the music. It was not slow but not fast either. It was really beautiful. I kept following the music. It took me a while to figure it out but when I realized it I couldn’t stop notice it. The music where not coming from one place but it came from everywhere. From every edge in the forest. Then I notice I was lost. I couldn’t see a path. There were only trees. I tried to walk but everything began to be blurry and it felt like my head was heavy. My eyes began to blurry and I passed out.


Believing I was awoken. a moment I felt pure and happy. Until I realized I wasn’t awake. At first, I thought I was dead but I could still hear the music. The music was too loud not to be real. I was passed out and came in some sort another dimension. I was surrounded with familiar things like pictures of me and my family before everything became a mess was hanging from the trees. I was still in the forest but in another forest. The other forest was dark and full with trees and no way out but in the other forest there light and beautiful flowers and you could a way out even though there were no way out, you could just feel it. I looked at the pictures. I felt empty. I realized I was full with sadness about everything. I was living a lie. I wasn’t sure about it was the place that made me felt that way or I had felt it the whole time but it was just awaking inside me. I began breath fast. I couldn’t catch my breath. I had a panic attack. I felt to the ground and the pictures disappeared in the thin air. Everything became dark, not long after I saw Marcus holding me. I could feel the emptiness over me and the long sadness. Tears were falling down my chin. Marcus hold me closer and I couldn’t believe anything that just had happened.  Marcus carried me home.


The night was sneaking in and the moon were up I was laying in the couch with coffee besides me on a table. I just starred at it. The feeling of emptiness was still there. I was filled up with thought of dead and pain. I wasn’t used to have that kind of thoughts. It was there and it was loud. Marcus hadn’t left me alone at all. He wouldn’t leave. He had probably known about the forest and what it could make you feel and see. I sat up and just looked at him. He was doing something on his computer. He could feel that I was looking at him, he looked over to me and walked over to me. He sat down beside me on the couch. I leant over to him and kissed him on the lips. We were kissing. He tasted sweet and bitter. I felt numb so I didn’t care about if I messed up and if it would change everything if we kissed. We kissed for a while. I kissed him to make me feel less empty. It didn’t work.         

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