From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


1. He is gone

I once met this guy who told me secrets. Some secrets no one knew about. About the war. About every war. When I heard the stories, I began to cry, I was so confused. In a war, there is always the good guys and they bad guys, that is just the truth, but not in this war. Not in this world. There is no bad guys or good guys. Not in the secrets that he told me. Before I can tell you the secrets I need you to know some stories.


I went to school a Friday, and was happy that the week was over, just one day to pass. I was a nobody, people knew me, but no one talked to me at school, an outsider you could call me. I did have one friend but she didn’t go to the same classes like me, she was more logical smart than me, I was more artistic smart. We were both outsiders and had no other friends. We usually went to our typical coffee shop on our way home from school every Friday, for like finish a week without killing ourselves. It was our tradition. I had mine caramel macchiato and she would get caramel Frappuccino- yes even when it was cold- we would sit there for almost 4 hours every Friday. We would talk about everything and nothing. But that Friday was little bit different. She was different. She had make-up on, she never worn make-up. She was indeed beautiful but it was different. I asked her about it and she said she was seeing a guy, and she felt the need to wear make-up. I just rolled my eyes. I never understood to wear make-up for someone, I mean I wore make-up because I wanted to not for someone, but it was her life.


It was around 5 that we decided to go home. We walked the same path as usually. It was already turning dark but that was nothing special in October. We walked to her house, I gave her a hug and went on. Not very further I was home. Hers house was bigger. Her parents had more money than mine. That wasn’t a problem- not for us- we both looked like trash with our black old ripped clothes. Our parents didn’t like it very much, but mine was more open for it because they couldn’t always afford to give me new clothes, but her parents were stricter and they always bought new clothes to her but she never worn it, because they always bought bright colors, and we both never worn colors and definitely not bright colors. We both had black clothes on every day and sometimes I had a dark green or a dark red shirt on but that was that. But we both looked with the grunge look we had going on, weirdly no one wanted to talked to us.


When I went inside, my dad was there, my dad should be home 9 instead of 6. I asked him why he was home, and he just looked at me like he was disappointed at me. I lived alone with my dad. I had one brother, but ran away when I was 12, so I didn’t really know him. My dad didn’t look like he wanted to talk so I just went to my room. I had a small room but I could have my stuff in there- not that I had a lot for that matter- I had a desk in the corner of my room. On the desk, there was a jar of money that I had saved up when I wanted to move out. I got the money from a job I once had at the movies, but I stopped and started to play music at parties or on the street in town that was outside where I lived. I sat down on my bed, and began to take my books out, until I was interrupted by my dad. I stared at him, I’ve had no idea why he would be home or why he was acting weird. He sat down beside me on my bed. He began to say something that I could barely hear. My dad worked as an employee in a little company. I asked him what he was saying, but it took a little while before said it again.

“I know, it’s might be weird but… A family just moved in not so far away from here and I want you not see them, they are strange.” I just looked at him, I had no idea how I should respond. So, I just said okay, and looked at him. He got up and left my room. I began to read a book, after that, then I realized that the time had passed 3 hours. I went to the living room to see if my dad was there, but he wasn’t. He didn’t have a bedroom for himself, so he was usually in the living room. I went to the kitchen, then I realized I’ve hadn’t eaten anything for dinner, not that we had anything. I checked my phone to see what the world was up to, and the world was boring as usually. I looked around for my dad, he was nowhere. I texted him and asked where he was and when he should be back, after I pressed sent I’ve heard his phone. It was on the kitchen floor. I got scared, he would never have left his phone and that it was on the floor. I called my best friend, she was asleep but she took her phone.

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