From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


14. Did I the thing you wanted?

The morning had come. A war between several wizards with years of experience of magic was after me. I was ready. Scared and ready to fight. I made weapons the night before so I had a chance. There was a little chance that I could win but I was sure that I wouldn’t give up. I was not brave in my ordinary life but that was changed. I was changed. I looked like my mother when she took my brother away from me and my dad. Black and red eyes. I was her mirror reflection. I was sure she could feel me and see me. I wonder if she was ever proud of me or at least if we were normal. And I wonder what had happened to my brother. If he ever lived a life. The morning was nerve wrecking. I knew that they were coming but they had no idea that I knew. I was ready or so ready that I could be. I had thoughts about fighting against Marcus. I loved him with the heart that I had left. I had turned cold and dark. Before I knew it, I heard horses not far away from me. I began to create spells to protect myself with.  


15 wizards writing a horse were towards me. I could see Mike were one of them in front and Marcus were the last one. I was surprised that he wasn’t in front but he was in love with me after all. I could see that they got surprised of the protecting spells I’ve had created. The stood up and said something. I couldn’t hear it. Every word girl blurry and noisy. I tried to take my hands up to my ears. It was too loud. I wasn’t sure if it all was just me or someone had put a spell on me. I believe that they could see that something was wrong. I could see that they wanted to help me but I made a big mistake. I created a spell to make them fall. And I tried to make them shut up. It worked. It meant that I had to fight. I made the one that talked kneel. Kneel before me. I felt both satisfied and scared. I began to perform other spells. They hadn’t seen that coming. I made the ground shake and wreck into pieces-- or that was it felt like. I tore the sky apart and made lightning and storms. I was a living hell. I wasn’t angry or anything but someone had taken over me. I forced every single one of them on the ground. They couldn’t get up. I walked over to Marcus. I began to whisper “help” I was both scared and sad inside but something was up. I had no control over myself. I could feel that I should kill him. Kill the man that I loved. I had loved him in many lives before. Our soul had connected. I could feel tears on my chin. He begged me to stop. I took a step back and set myself on fire. A few minutes after everyone was out of their spell. I was gone and I felt free. I was in control of my own soul again.


So, the story goes and the secret I wanted to tell was that I was never the bad one. I turned dark of but I was the light. I tore the world apart. There are no bad or good guys in a war. Not when you don’t know the other half.      


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