From the war

A girl in her teen, is about to discover something scary and wild. With help from her friends and some strange people she will make incredible change that will important for her future


3. Darkness

My head hurt a lot. My eyes began to open and I saw where I was. I was at the forest. I was on the ground in the forest. I couldn’t really find any explanation for what had happened or why I was there. I looked around to see no one or nothing, but the sun was up. The sun was just coming up and it was bright and shined between the trees. The shock I got when I heard footstep just right behind me. I turned as fast that I could to see the guy from the forest. Then I remembered. I felt embarrassed about the situation. The guy talked to me, like I chose to be there. He wanted to make me breakfast, but I got scared where I was and I wanted to go home, badly. I asked him his name. I wanted to know for later research on Google. His name was Mike Turner. His father lived near the forest and he and his brother Marcus Turner went often to the forest just to do something. That was not something I needed Google to find, he told me himself.


Mike followed me home. I had no idea how I would get home but he knew the forest very well. Mike was 19 and Marcus was 21- and they both were really handsome. We were right front of my house but I couldn’t let myself go in. I saw something there. It scared living out of me. Mike looked at me. Perhaps he couldn’t see it. I was sure there was something that night and so maybe it was just me. It was around 8 in the morning and I had no idea what I should do. I said to Mike that I just went to my best friend but I knew she was with her new boyfriend. Or other guys. It was not that I was jealous of her that she could figure out to talk to guys or people. No, it was more than she could find other people to hang out with while I was alone. I was just afraid to lose her. I began to walk near her house perhaps she was there after all. But no I wasn’t that lucky. I sat down on the bench that was outside her house. I looked around to see something strange. Nothing was there. When I got bored I tried to knock on her front door. She lived with her parents. And the reason I knew she wasn’t home was her bedroom window. It was never open at night, only when she wasn’t there. A few seconds after I knocked her mother came out. She didn’t really like me, but she was kind to me. I asked if I could use theirs phone and of cores she said yes.


I called my dad and he said he would be home in a minute. So, I said goodbye to miss James and went home. On the way, I saw my dad. He was still weird. He looked depressed. Something was for sure on and I knew I couldn’t b apart of it. He would never let me. I was his angel. His only hope to have some sort of life. I know that he told me when I was 12. And yes, that was hard to hear.  When we stepped inside the house the feeling of someone there was gone. I went to my room where I saw the thing. The feeling of something was there but not the same as before. Something way darker.


I was in my room for a while. I would try to find why I had that feeling. No result of that. I found my phone on pillow where I didn’t leave it. Someone had definitely been in my room.  

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