Dystopic Alleviation A science fiction novel

In Toronto, Canada, , the Government has banned human and robot relationships. When a group of scientists ignore them, they make sure that their plans to include them proves problematic.


1. Robots

Toronto, Canada,



​Professor ​Raymond Sharpe heard it. The sound of banging on his front door. He didn't want the Canadian Government to know about Dee, his female robot wife. It was something that irked him. Dee, who loved her husband since she was fixed with an emotional chip inside her body, knew that time was short. She, or it, knew what it meant that...It was too late. "OPEN UP!", a Government Agent yelled. The Professor saw the agents armed with stun guns in their  black gloved hands. The Professor and Dee watched as they stunned then. Seconds later, it was over in a minute....and everything ended in tragedy.


Three hours' later...

...The E-scanner file was on-line. Professor Edmond Kennedy, and Professor Ian Graham, looked at the newspapers about the raids; "Professor Sharpe and Dee were arrested. There wasn't anything unusual about them; it was about being ​emotional ​about their relationship. There was an emotional aspect that threatened humanity in the 21st century", Professor Kennedy said to his colleague. Despite the social and economical ratio of human/robot behaviour that was intriguing to the Canadian scientists, the arrest of their friend was a shock. The ideas of having a fusion between humans and robots was on the higher-end of the spark that was different to what the American scientists in New York were doing in the robotics field. Professor Marvin Sparks, the Head of the Robotics Association of the USA, stated: "​Over time, robots in the AI field, will not dominate Mankind; the AI field, in its heyday from 1961 to 2001, was moulded by a sense of high invention that everyone was excited about; AI, as it was called, stands for Artificial Intelligence. Even, in layman's terms, robots are made for humans to take control of; robots aren't programmed to dominate humans. And, then, there's the romantic notion of human/robot relationships, will be, in the future, part of the American family structure by 2100". Professor Kennedy, (no relationship with President John F. Kennedy), and Professor Graham, stared at the closed window. The city of Toronto was busy; the humans walked about their lives as they ignored the fact that robots were dominating the Canadians' lives, as the birth rate of robot/humans was up in the past two years since the cold winter of 2009; the female robots were good 'mothers', as their human husbands looked out of the windows of their low-rest homes for any kind of Government cars. "It's dangerous, Edmond", Professor Graham said. He knew Dee was gone; Dee was a success. And yet, as 'she' was going to deal with the professionalism of the Toronto Robot Association, (or the TRA), the future was unknown. Professor Kennedy smoked a cigarette. The fiery embers glowed; the embers filled the cold rooms, as they knew that the work wasn't done. "It has to be secret", Professor Graham said. He looked at the female robots on the procession line of the factories; he knew what was going on in Toronto. The Canadian Government was too scared of the robots; he knew what it was doing. And now, deep down in their fractured thoughts, meant that the idea of progress, stymied in the face of adversity.


Professor Kennedy stared at the computer screen. He sipped his coffee, as Professor Graham studied the scientific research papers that was concerning Dee, (and the other robots); he waited for the time to arrive before the Canadian Government's spies would send their agents in their black cars to arrest them. They knew that the time was right to go underground; they watched the screens, as the talk of human/robot relationships entered a new phase.

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