Dystopic Alleviation A science fiction novel

In Toronto, Canada, , the Government has banned human and robot relationships. When a group of scientists ignore them, they make sure that their plans to include them proves problematic.


3. Dystopic Alleviation-Part Two


The machines were working. Professor Kennedy waited patiently. "It's not working, Professor", Assistant Scientist Brenda Forbes, said. She gazed at him...then back to Professor Graham. She wore a white gown. She wasn't used to The Special Project; she was used to thinking that her career as a scientist would make her famous. But fame was fleeting; fame came at a cost. Suddenly she heard the distant rumbling; she heard the sound of rattling. Seconds later, she was forced into the machine. And, as she screamed, Brenda's life stopped. "​Stop the machine! Stop the machine...now!​", Professor Kennedy yelled. As he pressed the red button with his right hand, he gazed at the fusion between human and robots...and knew one thing was certain...that progress would be shut down for now.

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