Call Me Daddy

Anne was an average girl with what she thought was an amazing life. She had an internet famous boyfriend, a nice apartment, a job she enjoyed, and two dogs that she adored. She thought nothing could ruin it!
That was until she found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her, and she got kidnapped by a mysterious man who had been stalking her...


1. The Perfect Life (Intro)

Hi, I'm Anne Bryant, and I can say I have a near perfect life. 

I have the most handsome boyfriend in the world, Jack. Even though he's really busy dealing with his fame as a model, he makes time for me on the weekends. Jack was my first love when I turned 16, and right out of high school when we were both 18 we started dating. We've been together for a little over a year now, and he treats me like a queen. He spoils me to fancy foods and has flowers delivered to my apartment all the time. Every morning I wake up to cute text messages and short paragraphs about everything he loves about me. I could never find anyone better than him.

Another reason my life is so perfect is my beautiful apartment. It's a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with tons of windows and a very modern look. It's super bright and warm inside, and makes me feel comfortable and happy whenever I step through my front door. I have a huge bedroom with giant windows as tall as me lining one wall, with the view of the sunset on the woods every night. I also have a gorgeous walk in closet, and a modern master bathroom. Down the hall, I have the main bathroom that is a little smaller than the master, but still very large. Next to it is the guest bedroom slash office. Since I don't have too many guests that stay, I have my office space set up next to the bed in there. My kitchen, dining room, and living room is an open concept. The dining room has two sliding glass doors letting off lots of light. The living room has a gas fire place, and tons of room for my sectional couch.

I live with my two dogs. They're both huskies from the same litter. Lilly, and Skylar. They make me happier than anything else. They cuddle me every night and greet me after I get off of work. 

To conclude, my life is pretty dang amazing. What I have now is what a lot of people wish they had. Honestly... I can't see anything ever going wrong.


~A/N: Heyyyyy guyyysss. So, this is kind of slow but I'm using this as sort of an intro. Things will definitely escalate fast in the next chapter so I can get on to the story >:)))

I have a lot in mind and I hope you enjoy!! I appreciate feedback.


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