Halloween Town Book Two A novel

The Drifter is back at Halloween Town. When he meets a new group of monsters, and other humans who are trick r' treating, all kinds of trouble comes their way.

The sequel to Halloween Town.


3. They only come at Midnight


"They only come at Midnight", Sara told her son, Randall. He stared at his mom. "But vampires aren't real". He watched aging Grandfather clock that was ticking in the thin hallway; he imagined the undead in Halloween Town would rise up from their dusty coffins. Then he stared at her with a concerned look on his face.  "I need a crucifix from the Catholic Church, Mom", Randall said. He was wearing red pyjamas, And was barefoot  "Don't worry. Just pray to God...and the vampires will go away. Now, it's seven  in  the evening. It's time to sleep. Good night!", she said. And she kissed her eight year old son, then opened his bedroom door, then headed downstairs to watch a Netflix movie in the huge lounge room while she sipped on her coffee,


Randall heard it. 

A vampire was outside. He gripped the crucifix in his right hand. The vampire was dressed in black. Its red eyes focused on him. "Welcome to Halloween Town, Randall". And he bared his sharp fangs...then headed towards the bedroom, and begun to wait for him to invite the vampire in.

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