Halloween Town Book Two A novel

The Drifter is back at Halloween Town. When he meets a new group of monsters, and other humans who are trick r' treating, all kinds of trouble comes their way.

The sequel to Halloween Town.


2. The trick r' treating witch


Eve Douglas, a young witch, stirred the black cauldron with her small, right, hands. She wore a black hat, red witch's gown, black socks, and black boots on her feet. A red ring was on her right, middle, finger. It glowed, as she read a spell in the deep dungeons in Halloween Town. "Bubble; bubble! Toil and trouble! Make me powerful!​". She saw a green glow from the cauldron. Seconds later she saw her image in the dragon's mirror.  She was about to do something else, when her familiar called Tom, a tabby cat, meowed. "What's the matter?", she asked her. Then, after the spell was cast, she heard the sound of the front door being knocking. Eve's long, black hair was turning grey. She screamed, as she saw three teenagers dressed as witches. "Trick r' treat! Oh, Eve! You look old​", Barbara Down said. Martina Sheppard and Rose Harris, shook their heads. "I used a spell to make me powerful", Eve told her. "You used an old witch spell, Eve", Rose said. And she shook her head...as she...and her friends...left her alone to get candies for Halloween,


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