Halloween Town Book Two A novel

The Drifter is back at Halloween Town. When he meets a new group of monsters, and other humans who are trick r' treating, all kinds of trouble comes their way.

The sequel to Halloween Town.


4. The Drifter in Zombie Town


The Drifter was the first to see it. 

The Zombie was feeding on its left hand. He shook his head. Halloween Town was living up as the most scariest place in America. it was scary because of the different creatures that were mixed with the humans. "What can we do?​", a woman asked him. She wss holding up a fire poker in her left hand; she was concerned about the zombies smashing through the double doors of the saloon. The Drifter opened the doors. Then he fired into the chest of the female zombie. The zombie  yelled. "​Kill you all​". The Drifter shot the zombie two more times. Then it fell dead onto the dusty ground; it didn't move. Then, as the other zombies pushed forward into a small group, the drifter made his way towards the saloon. And made sure it was secured before  help arrived.

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