Halloween Town Book Two A novel

The Drifter is back at Halloween Town. When he meets a new group of monsters, and other humans who are trick r' treating, all kinds of trouble comes their way.

The sequel to Halloween Town.


5. Seconds


William Carter had seconds to live in Halloween  Town. He was eighty years old. And he knew everyone in town since 1937 when he was born. He knew what was going to happen: the children were trick r' treating; the vampires and zombies would bite people; and the werewolves would howl during the full moon. He knew about the ghouls that fed on people, and he knew his wife Dora, was dead since 2007, a decade ago from cancer. She was sixty-eight when she died. He heard the back door swishing. He frowned as he opened the door. No one was there. He saw the children trick r' treating. When they stopped near his house, he laughed. "Trick r' treat! Trick r' treat!", they said. He gazed at them. And gave them some candies.


Six orange pumpkins glowed with black candles. William smiled, as he closed the door. He locked it, and then read an Edgar Allan Poe book in the lounge room. 

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