Halloween Town Book Two A novel

The Drifter is back at Halloween Town. When he meets a new group of monsters, and other humans who are trick r' treating, all kinds of trouble comes their way.

The sequel to Halloween Town.


6. Epilogue


The Drifter boarded up the saloon. He was eager to know if the zombie attack had ended. "EVERYONE GO DOWN TO THE DUNGEONS!", he yelled. 

And, as the Sheriff shivered, one of the zombies bit him in the neck. The Drifter shot the Sheriff dead. A blank sadness crept over him;  he knew what was going on. Suddenly the zombies left. He peered out of the saloon's brown windows. They had left as if someone had commanded them. Sweat came over his forehead. The Drifter shook his head, as the imminent threat of terror consumed not just him, but everyone who lived in Halloween Town.

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