The snake goddess

This book takes place in the desert. Around the time where Egypt was famous for its pyramid and mummies. The deity everyone worshipped in this kingdom was a snake goddess named Serrifina. To make sure nothing bad happened there would be a weekly sacrifice. One day the king started to doubt her because they've gotten nothing except dry weather for the past few weeks, the crops probably couldn't last much longer. SHe decides to come down for a private "VIsit" with him......... (You'll have to read the story to find out what the goddess does to king zakad)


1. Gods Can Be So Picky

    It was Sunday, time for the weekly ritual. I sigh as I walk into the room with the new, unsuspecting, stranger. I walked up to him because he was tied down to a table, and removed the bag that was covering his face. He looked around and started panicking, Shouting and such. I sighed, rolling my eyes, and snap my finger as one of the guards knocked him out. I went to get the flammable oil. I then dumped it all over the knocked out victim. I grab a torch and set him on fire after he'd been tied down to the table. He laid there screaming and struggling greatly to try and get free to save himself, but it was no use. The pain was too much for him to bare and he passed out. We walked out of the room and let his body turn to ash over the night. 

    I then started walking to my private quarters, kind of doubting that Serrifina was real, or at least that she was good. Unknowingly Serrifina was lurking behind him waiting for him to get in his room now. She was a little angry at me but more annoyed. She stayed in the shadows for now. I walked into my room and stripped down to my undergarments. I flopped back on my bed, landing on my back with my legs spread. I had no lover so I laid in the bed alone, for now. Seconds after falling into a light sleep Serrifina brought herself into the physical world.

    She then slithered over to my bed, hovering over me from between my legs. The very end of her tail pulled my undergarments down. She looked down with a smirk. While sleeping I felt her large breasts press up against my body. I then felt her fangs sink into my neck causing me to yell out. I was quickly silenced, but from what? Without me knowing she'd injected some kind of black substance into my bloodstream. It turned my skin black and rubber-like. It covered my mouth to silence me. I could still breathe through my nose. I felt her tail start toying with my cock as she smirked down at me

   "I could tell you were doubting me~" She giggles as she continues the teasing. I shook my head and tried to plead for her to let me go. "You're going nowhere until you've learned your lesson~" She slithers down a little. taking my, now black, cock into her mouth to start bobbing. She knew I was still a virgin because she'd been watching me for a while. She moved the tip of her tail and started prodding it at my asshole. She then started to thrust it in and out making me rock hard and moan loudly under the mouth cover. I quickly came in her mouth because of the intense pleasure for this being my first time


    Se giggles looking up at me "That fast? I'll have to train you after we're done here~" I was blushing really hard as she spread her snake pussy showing her wetness. She kissed me deeply as she forced my length into her tight, warm, and moist folds. I moaned louder as she could now hear it. She smirks making this one fast as well. Constantly contracting her muscles to cause more pleasure. I soon came within 5min. She came at the same time i did. "Not bad for s start, but im going to need more pleasure than that for next time. She let me talk now "P-Please, n-no more. I-Im begging you" I looked fearful as she slithered up biting my neck again. I had even begun to shake a little bit

She smirks, looking me directly in the eyes now "Tell anyone of what happened tonight, and you might not live to see the next day. As for your skin, well just say that this is what happened from all your sacrifices. Now be a good boy and continue to lead your kingdom, ill be looking forward to tomorrow night~" She gave my neck a lick before she vanished.

My eyes widened as she suddenly vanished, i didn't really have a choice anymore so i listened to he warning and command. I slowly went back to sleep not knowing what to expect tomorrow morning. I cont only imagine all the questions and possible concerns about my new Form Because people are just used to seeing me as i normally am. So for now all i needed, was a good nights rest. The night was calm, the weather was perfect. Maybe things wouldn't be as bad as i though tomorrow, looks like ill just have to wait and see.

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