The Burning Flames in Hell Part 3 A novel

Marjorie Clements, and Tanya, arrive at the Demon Queen's Court in Hell. When the Hell Prince informs her that Marjorie is to be his wife, she doesn't consent to the marriage. As a consequence, a new war begins to tear the Underworld apart.

The final fantasy novel in the trilogy.


1. The Hell Queen


​The Hell Queen adjusted her red crown on her hellish head. 

She stood on the old throne, as she saw her husband, King Hell, was asleep  on his throne. "Wake up!​", she yelled. He opened his red eyes, and sighed. He wore a red crown on his head. His red eyes focused on his wife of fifty years. "Where's our son?", he asked her. "He'll be here soon. He tells me he met a female fire demon. She is too young to marry him...and she's with a human girl". King Hell regained his composure. "A human​ girl". He smiled. "Maybe they'll be useful for us during the new war". And he watched all of the member of the Hell Court sitting in their red thrones, as they discussed what to do next.


Marjorie stood her ground. 

"I'll serve the majestic Court, my King. On one condition. That I won't marry Prince Hell". And the Hell Queen whispered to her husband. "And what will you ​ do Marjorie?", she asked her. "I have a human girl named Tanya to take care of, my Queen. She won't be harmed or else I'll come back here and express my displeasure". King Hell starfed at her. "Very well, Marjorie. You must be paert of the ancient ceremony before leavin g our Court". He grabbed a red sword in his hellish red hand. "I declare that Marjorie Clements is to be part of the Hell Court. She can sit down on her own throne,....and be part of all important decisions here in Hell". And, as  the ceremony ended with the sword went across her right shoulder. When it was over, Marjorie bowed for the final time. Then she walked down the red carpet, and left the Court with Tanya in tow.

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