The Burning Flames in Hell Part 3 A novel

Marjorie Clements, and Tanya, arrive at the Demon Queen's Court in Hell. When the Hell Prince informs her that Marjorie is to be his wife, she doesn't consent to the marriage. As a consequence, a new war begins to tear the Underworld apart.

The final fantasy novel in the trilogy.


2. Return to The Flaming Inn


Tanya cast a nervous look at Marjorie. 

"I thought I would die", she said, 

"The Hell Queen and Hell King won't kill us because they know I'm working for their Court", she answered her. They walked down the scorching hot roads towards The Flaming Hell Inn. Three of Hell's Guards were asleep.  ​Get up you lazy idiots!​", Marjorie yelled. The guards opened their red eyes. They stood at attention, as Tanya entered the Inn's front  doors. Once they went inside, two hell's Imps bowed to Marjorie. "We heard you were knighted, Lady Marjorie", the first Imp said. She wasn't used to her title; she grinned. "I am getting used to be called a 'Lady'". And she glided towards the hot fireplace; she then begun to yawn, and slept soundly on a hellish red chair///leaving Tanya to take over her duties.

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