The Burning Flames in Hell Part 3 A novel

Marjorie Clements, and Tanya, arrive at the Demon Queen's Court in Hell. When the Hell Prince informs her that Marjorie is to be his wife, she doesn't consent to the marriage. As a consequence, a new war begins to tear the Underworld apart.

The final fantasy novel in the trilogy.


3. Epilogue


Tanya ​walked to the fireplace.

She saw  an elf watching him.

"How are you feeling?", the elf asked her. 

"I don't want to disturb m Lady Marjorie. She's working for Queen and King Hell in their Royal Court". The elf nodded; Tanya  gazed at the group of elves shivering. "It's ​freezing". She nodded. As they headed to the bar area, they also slept by the fireplace, as thery dreamed of a better future.

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