The Final Word

In which Sienna Dale says goodbye to her boyfriend Elias through a series of letters before she kills herself.


5. the fifth letter


I guess you'll probably want the reasons for why I'm doing this- and you deserve an explanation. So, here goes. I'm killing myself because I'm done being treated as the fake blonde girl, the 'Sienna Crail' the world sees me as. I'm done being bullied and pushed around at every turn, people calling me a slut and such. I'm done with my parents neglecting me when I come home, even though I'm an only child. And most of all, I'm done with no one noticing my pain and coming to make me stop it.

And that's pretty damn selfish, I know, because that's what you'd say. But I'm not blaming this on you, Eli. No. You're the one constant in my life who has never failed me, and I thank you for that. I love you for that. I want to be with you for the rest of my life because of that. And it seems like I'll get my wish- because I will. We will be together until the day I die. And, what, really, could I want more?

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