Dear Jesse (Series to Dear Clarissa)

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  • Published: 24 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 30 Dec 2017
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Dear Jesse,

Why did you have to go? I don't understand. Your brother needs you. Your father needs you. I need you.

I miss you.



Author's note

A mother's p.o.v. after her son's death.
Read at your own risk. If it makes you uncomfortable, then please don't continue. Enjoy!


12. Dear Jesse 1.2

Dear Jesse,

So it's been a year since the last time I wrote in this journal, or to you. Your father and I are divorced. He's seeing someone. I'm not rushing to have a new relationship when one, your father and I were married for 15 years, had two kids, and I'm still trying to get used to your death. I will say, I'm a lot better than last year. I no longer have cancer, I beat it. Your brother is doing better as well. He's into playing soccer and he's really good at it. I hope that he continues because I need something to keep me busy. As usual, I miss you. And I love you.



Your Mother



I've decided and I think this story is going to come to an end. I don't really know if anyone is liking it, but just for those who have been reading it, it will be coming to an end. Maybe after three or four chapters and then that's it. Thanks for reading!


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