Dear Jesse (Series to Dear Clarissa)

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  • Published: 24 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 30 Dec 2017
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Dear Jesse,

Why did you have to go? I don't understand. Your brother needs you. Your father needs you. I need you.

I miss you.



Author's note

A mother's p.o.v. after her son's death.
Read at your own risk. If it makes you uncomfortable, then please don't continue. Enjoy!


9. Dear Jesse 0.9

Dear Jesse,

      I want to stop seeing my therapist. She just keeps reminding me of what happened, like as if she keeps talking about, it'll get easier when really I feel like my lungs are tightening. I hate talking about it. I don't want to talk about it anymore. But you're father keeps persuading me that if I keep seeing my therapist, it'll get easier. I don't know how he's holding it every day. Every time I wake up, I want to scream. It just sucks not being able to see you. Maybe it is my fault that you did this to yourself. I know that I was always hard on you and sometimes pushed you to your limits, but it wasn't to be a nagging mother. It was supposed to make you better. I was trying to get you to be the best that you can. To be better than me and your father. I'm sorry if I let you down. That wasn't my intentions at all. I hope that you can forgive me.


      You're Mother.

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