Behind The Camera

He doesn’t speak. He doesn’t interact. He doesn’t show any emotion at all. He just seems to want to be left alone to his camera. Jacob Kelly decides one day to take a look at it himself. What he finds is something he wasn’t expecting at all.


2. Chapter Two

Jacob was working on multiple drawings. He tried to memorize every detail of those pictures. Scenery and everything. Jacob wondered how and why did he have those pictures on his camera. Those figures... No, those demons were monstrous. He saw pentagons, blood, cults, fire, see through corpses, and many other things. It was midnight now. He’s been working on this every since he got home. Any second, he knows that boy is going to walk through that door and kill him. He already stashed a letter somewhere saying what he had saw, and he gave his last goodbyes. He yawned feeling so tired. He knew he had to stay awake though. He had too. He tried his bed, but everything soon went black.

“ Jacob....”

Jacob blinked. He looked around confused. He doesn’t seem to be in his bed anymore. He was in a forest and was leaning up against a leafless tree. He stood up wondering how he got here.

“ Jacob.”

He looked forward to see an elderly woman staring at him. She was draped in a black cloak. Her hair was snow white and very thin. She had black pure eyes.

“ You shouldn’t of looked at the camera.”

“ I-I know. I’m really sorry!”

“ Sorry isn’t going to cut it.”

She raised her hand. Jacob began to float off the ground. He clasped his hands around his throat unable to breathe. His mouth opened as if it had a mind of its own. A black fog arose out of it.

“ It’ll all be over soon. Don’t worry.”

Jacob shook his head. He couldn’t end like this. He still has so much to live for. He’s only sixteen after all! He wants to fall in love and start a family and grow old and-

“ Grandma! That’s enough!”

Someone appeared. It was Snapshot. That’s the first time Jacob has ever heard him talk. His so called ‘ grandma ‘ jut looked at him.

“ You know the rules Leo! Whoever sees the camera gets their soul taken!”

His soul?! Jacob couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was she the damn devil?!

“ Not his though!”

“ And why is that?!”

The grandmother and Leo got into it dropping Jacob. He ran not wanting to stay any longer. They didn’t even seem to notice. He ran far and long not planning to slow down anytime soon. That’s when he stopped before something that seemed familiar.

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