Behind The Camera

He doesn’t speak. He doesn’t interact. He doesn’t show any emotion at all. He just seems to want to be left alone to his camera. Jacob Kelly decides one day to take a look at it himself. What he finds is something he wasn’t expecting at all.


1. Chapter One

Jacob stared at the mystery boo. He was working on his school work. His camera dangled down his side in a case. It was the newest one old there, but it certainly wasn’t old as dirt. It drives Jacob crazy just thinking about what pictures he have on there, and why there so damn important to him. Multiple people in the past have some how attempted to take a look, but it never really ended well for them. And by that, they disappeared. Police always point a hand at the boy, but there’s not enough proof to arrest him. This is why people mainly avoid him in anyway possible. That’s how he got the nickname Snapshot. They came up with it because someone thought he was able to do a headshot from any angle. There’s many rumors about him. Jacob doesn’t believe them though. There was something really off about him though like... like.... Well, he’s not sure. He can just sense it.

The bell rang signaling it was time for Jacob to go home. He looked down to see his drawing. It was of the big at his desk. Jacob felt proud of himself finding it pretty good. Jacob loves to draw. He put it up noticing Snapshot was taking his time getting packed up. It actually just became the two of them in the end everyone else rushing out to probably get away from him. Jacob put on his backpack giving a sideways glance at him. He didn’t even seem to notice.

“ Snapshot. Can you please come here?”

The teacher called him over. Jacob fount it weird even the teacher called him that. He nodded his head walking over to her desk. Jacob’s eyes went wide. He had left the camera on his desk. He looked over at the teacher who noticed too. She had a look in her eyes. Jacob smiled understanding it.

He quietly walked over while the teacher distracted him. He quietly undone the case the teacher making her voice loud on purpose. Jacob fount out what buttons did what. He quickly skimmed through the photos. His smile soon faded from his face. He body shook. His eyes widened.

“ Jacob!”

He turned to the side to see Snapshot was heading his way. He just dropped the camera and ran. Jacob thought he was about the throw up. Those pictures.. will be haunting him in his sleep.

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