A Lost Gryffindor

A young 8 year old girl looses her memory to what doctors believe was her going down a water fall only being saved by her werewolf self. Not knowing who she was and her family thinking she's dead, the Malfoy's adopt her and name her Elizabeth Malfoy. Will Elizabeth find out who she really is or will those 8 years of her life remain a mystery forever.


2. Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I lay on the bank of a peaceful river soaked from head toe. My skin had wrinkles and was bleeding from a bunch of scraps. A small puddle of blood had formed beside a large gash in my lower right leg. Looking down I noticed that most of my skin was covered with large purple bruises. I slowly tried to get out of the water as it tried to drag me back in. Weak and tired, I finally got onto the soft grassy shore. It took all I had to get onto it and I lost consciousness.

When I finally woke up, my head ached. Looking down, I noticed that my right leg was healed and all that remained were bruises. Not realizing a nurses had walked in, I kept backwards hitting my head on the snowy white beds bed frame. "Don't worry deary. I'm not going to hurt you? I'm Ms. Calico. Thank goodness Mr.Malfoy found you by that river or else you'ld still busted up leg and a shattered rib." Ms. Calico had dark brown eyes and spoke in an accent I hadn't heard before. She around 6 feet tall and had a blue hospital shirt on. Her hair was curly and light gray. " What did you do to bust yourself up like that? Did you go off the waterfall or sumthin'?" It then struck me, I had no clue what happened to me.

Stuttering I said," I-I don't know." Ms. Calico annoyed said," What do ya' mean ya' don't know?" I quietly started to cry, not knowing what happened to me or even who I was. Ms. Calico sat herself on the bed and hugged me. " I'm sorry deary. I shouldn't have yelled and pressed ya' like that. Let's start from the beginning, I'm Ms. Calico, who are you?" "I don't know." I replied quietly. " That's alright deary. Your memory will probably come back in a few ours you should eat sumthin' then walk around a little. You've been out for at least a day and need to get some exercise." I slowly nodded my head while whipping away the tears.

The mashed potatoes were delicious and the gravy was amazing. Once finished with my food I tried standing up. I felt as though my legs were going to snap but the feeling went away after a minute or so. I clumsily walked around the room in a pair of light blue pajamas. My long blond hair flowed down three fourths of the way down my back. The light brown door quietly creeped open. Revealing a tall man with white slick hair. He gracefully walked over, with a cane in hand. Stopping in front of me he stated boldly," I am Lucious Malfoy and the one who found you."

I looked at him curiously . How did he find me? Does he know who I am? Can he tell me if I have a family and where to find them? A smile cracked my lips as hope flickered in my eyes. " I'm sorry if your looking to find answers from me." Mr. Malfoy stated. " I have none to give but I am looking to see if you would like to come home to live with me and my family." My stomach turned with nervousness. I wanted to, but I didn't even have a name. Mr. Malfoy saw my concern written on my face. It's alright if you don't know who you are for now. You can find yourself given time." My eyes began to sparkle and a small smile lit my face.

We walked into a small room with a fireplace in it. " We're going to use magic to get to my house. Are you ready" " Yes" I said and we walked into the fireplace and disappeared. Rolling out of a large non used fireplace, I looked around seeing a very beautiful elegant house. Sitting on a dark gray couch was a middle aged woman and a boy about my age with the same sleek hair as his father. " This is your new Mother and brother Draco. Now the question is, what shall we call you? I think Elizabeth is a fine name." My new Father moved his hand rainbow like over his head while saying," Elizabeth Malfoy." He then paused and my new Mother and brother stood up. Smiling, my new mother motioned me over," Welcome to the family Elizabeth." It felt good to finally have a name.

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