A Lost Gryffindor

A young 8 year old girl looses her memory to what doctors believe was her going down a water fall only being saved by her werewolf self. Not knowing who she was and her family thinking she's dead, the Malfoy's adopt her and name her Elizabeth Malfoy. Will Elizabeth find out who she really is or will those 8 years of her life remain a mystery forever.


3. Three Years Later

Being in a family is amazing. Even if it meant having responsibilities. I still don't know what happened to me three years ago, but doctors think that I went over Niagara Falls because of my Brocken bones. They also believe the only reason I would be able to have survived it was if I was a werewolf so father decided to take me into a werewolf psychiatrist before the full moon and get me checked up. Turns out I am werewolf.

Father wanted me to be safe but still have fun so he got me the most expensive werewolf potion there was, which allows me to have complete control of myself. But now I have to the potion every full moon. Father wanted me to be safe but still have fun so he got me the most expensive werewolf potion there was, which allowed me to have complete control of myself.

Having a brother seems hard but when they are super cool and your same age, it gets super fun. Father has been teaching us how to fly a broom. He even got us Nimbus 2000s so we could practice on our own brooms. Draco thinks he can beat me in a race but he always tries to do a cool trick and falls behind.

Next week was our first day of school. We were going to Hogwarts, which I had never heard of until father mentioned over dinner that we would be receiving our letters soon. I was in shock at first. I didn't want to go to school being a werewolf. That could cause problems if people were scared of me and had me removed. Father reassured me that he wouldn't let that happen and I calmed down.

Having to get school supplies, we went to the three broomsticks on our brooms. I had never flown from him before so it was a little nerve wracking at first but having father and Draco next to me was calming and eased my racing heart. We got there later than expected, father disapproved but we managed to avoid getting into trouble for the many detours Draco and I took.

Getting our school supplies didn't take long but getting our wands was something completely different. It took the shop owner about thirty minutes to find Draco's then about forty-five more to find mine. My wand had a werewolf claw in it. Given to the owner by a werewolf who wanted to give it as a gift for who ever the wand chose.

After getting our wands, father took us to an expensive shop to get us our school clothing. "Elizabeth, came here please." I rushed over to him eagerly. " Try this one on. I think you will like it." I chuckled, " Your almost as bad as mother when it comes leaving the robes store." Father and Draco chuckled as well. " Oh Lizzy, you always seem to make us laugh." My father budged in," Even when you two are in trouble you find a way to make me laugh which is very uncommon. What would we do without you Elizabeth?" I slightly snorted," You'ld probably live on your days as the most boring family in the history of boring families." We all laughed and walked out of the store.

"We only have one more thing on the list, a pet. Which can be a rat, owl, or cat." "Oh Snickerdoodle." I exclaimed. Draco asked curiously," What's wrong Lizzy?" Annoyed with myself, I said," I can't decide between a cat and an owl. I don't want to use the school owls but I really want a cat." I looked down disappointed. Draco suddenly peeked up,"I'm planning on getting an owl. What if we swapped off every week and if we really need to use him or her, we can. But we have to tell the other why. What do you think?" Cheerfully I said," I love it. That means I can get a cat. What do you think father?" Draco and I directed ourselves toward our father who then asked concerned,"Wouldn't the cat run from you or do you think it will love you?" "Only one way to find out." And we walked into the pet store.

There was a lot of different types of owls and cats. I didn't bother looking at the rats so I completely passed that section. Draco lead the way to the owls until we found the perfect one. He was a dark gray with bits of black on his wings. Father approved and we moved on to find a cat. Most of the cats looked at me and arched their backs hissing, until I found the perfect one. She was completely black, like me during the full moon, with royal blue eyes like mine. As I reached into the cafe to great her, she jumped into my arms, happy to be loved at last. "Perfect." I said and we went to pay for her.

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