A Lost Gryffindor

A young 8 year old girl looses her memory to what doctors believe was her going down a water fall only being saved by her werewolf self. Not knowing who she was and her family thinking she's dead, the Malfoy's adopt her and name her Elizabeth Malfoy. Will Elizabeth find out who she really is or will those 8 years of her life remain a mystery forever.


5. The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat

A loud rumble awoke me from my deep sleep. Looking over, I noticed that Fyre and Nathan had fallen asleep as well and were groggily waking up. Silently, we grabbed our carry on and hopped off the train. My eyes widened as I stared at what appeared to be a humungous castle. That must be Hogwarts, I thought to myself. Nathan shared the same awed expression.

A boom of a voice roared over the hurricane of students. "Over here all ya first years!" said a huge giant like man. Oh no, I thought to myself again. That must be Hagrid, the half giant my father despises. I better keep away from him if I want to please my father. 

I slowly walked over, not wanting to draw attention to myself. Laughter rung in my ear to my left. Looking over, I saw Draco talking to a light blond haired girl. I chuckled to myself, we look kind of a like. Draco turned around seeing me said," This is Abby Lupin,  my new friend." A smile stretched across his face, I bet he likes her.

" Hi.." I said smiling," I'm Elizabeth, Draco's sister." A little nervous, she replied," Hi, you excited for the sorting?" " I  guess, I really have't thought about it until now. Well see you later Draco, nice meeting you Abby." I walked away, wanting to be alone for the time being.


Waiting in the first year crowd was atrocious, I wanted to be sorted into my house so I could eat and meet my new house mates. " Draco Malfoy." Headmaster Dumbledore called out. Oh few, that means I'm next. The sorting hat barely touched him before calling out," Slytherin!" Draco gave a proud smile. A giggle escaped my lips, always putting on a show, aren't you Draco. 

" Elizabeth Malfoy." Dumbledore called in confusion. I slowly made my way up to the chair. Sitting down, the sorting hat was placed on me. Hmm, It said. You're a tricky one. You are full of bravery, yet, you are kind and smart. You also wish to please your father. Hmm, so difficult, Is there a house you would prefer? I want to be a Gryffindor. But I want to be a Hufflepuff as well. ​Alright then, " Gryffindor!!!" 

A thousand thoughts ran through my head. But all of them lead to the same thing, I would be the first in the Malfoy family to be a Gryffindor.

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