A Lost Gryffindor

A young 8 year old girl looses her memory to what doctors believe was her going down a water fall only being saved by her werewolf self. Not knowing who she was and her family thinking she's dead, the Malfoy's adopt her and name her Elizabeth Malfoy. Will Elizabeth find out who she really is or will those 8 years of her life remain a mystery forever.


1. Portkey

It was a gorgeous late summer day and my father decided to take me camping for a night while my mother took my twin sister Abby for some mother daughter time. As an eight year old, camping for one night was an epic adventure waiting to happen, except that wasn't what happened.

My father took me to a restaurant called Little Make and Bake on our journey to the camp ground. We first ordered our pizza breaking, then the toppings, and began to make our pizzas. I made a delicious loaded pepperoni pizza while my father made himself a Hawaiian pizza. We gave our doughy pizzas to the counter person and he brought them back sizzling hot with crunchy crusts. "YUUMM!" I exclaimed.

After leaving we went and looked for treasure a quarter mile from the restaurant. We found a Pennie, a cool stick, and toothbrush. I wanted to keep the toothbrush but father said no and threw it away. We were about to head for the camp ground when I saw a sparkling piece pf mental. "Look father, look!" I shouted. My father quickly walked over.

I went to pick it up when all of a sudden I dropped it and was tossed over a water fall. Grabbing a hold of a thick tree branch I screamed," FATHER, HELP ME!!!" Soon after my father came crashing onto the branch. He quickly snagged my arm trying to keep himself from falling and trying to pull me up. Suddenly he slipped and dropped my right arm. "FATHER DON'T LET ME GO!!!" I screamed. The water from the falls made my arm slippery. My father tried to grab my right arm but i slipped out his grasp." HAYLEY!!!" That was the last thing I heard before plunging down the seventy foot drop.

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