A Lost Gryffindor

A young 8 year old girl looses her memory to what doctors believe was her going down a water fall only being saved by her werewolf self. Not knowing who she was and her family thinking she's dead, the Malfoy's adopt her and name her Elizabeth Malfoy. Will Elizabeth find out who she really is or will those 8 years of her life remain a mystery forever.


4. Hogwarts Express

As we headed to platform nine and three quarters, father gave us the look that we needed to listen. " As a Malfoy, you are privileged to be top of the line. Head wizard family. Do not let me or your mother down and do not tear down our family legacy. Do you understand?" We both proudly stated," Yes father, we will not let you down." Content our father said," Good, I will most likely see you during your school year." He patted our shoulders lightly and pushed us towards the platform.

As we passed through the barrier, the gorgeous Hogwarts Expresses steamed a welcome to us." Come on Lizzy, or we'll miss the train." I quickened up my pace as I caught up. As we entered the train, we starred in owe at the beautiful sight. " Do you want to sit with me, Crabbe, and Goyle?" I hesitated,"No thanks bro. I think I need to find some friends. No hard feelings?" " None needed. I agree with you. Will you at least promise me that you'll meet up with me before we are put into our houses?" I hugged him," Don't worry, I will."

Clinging to my silky smooth cat Ash, I slowly went to find a booth. While walking through the crowded path, I tripped and fell into a blond headed girl. Looking at her I realized we looked alike. Thinking I imagined it I quickly apologized and kept going.

Opening up a booth I saw a boy with dirty brown hair and deep blue eyes. Stuttering I asked," Ca-can I sit here?" Smiling the boy said," Sure, I'm Nathaniel. Nathaniel Baller. But you can call me Nathan."He put his hand out to me so I shook it and sat down. He stared at me," What?" "You haven't told me your name yet." " Oh." I said shyly. " I'm Elizabeth Malfoy, but my brother calls me Lizzy." Nathan looked puzzled," Lucius Malfoy is your dad?" Confused I said," Yeah what's wrong with that?" " I've seen him before and you look nothing like him." "It's a long story." Encouragingly Nathan said," The train hasn't even left. I think we have time.

"Alright." I was about to start when I dark red headed girl walked in.She had green eyes and gorgeous thick hair. "May I join you in this booth?" She said sarcastically. Nathan and I both said sure and she sat next to me and Ash. Looking down I realized our animals had not entered the conversation. But first I need to ask the red head what her name is. I thought. "What's your name?" Smiling she said," I'm Fyre Brinker, and you two are?" Before I could say anything Nathan spoke," I'm Nathanial Baller but you can call me Nathan." " I'm Elizabeth Malfoy. "

Fyre confused said," You don't look much like your dad." Looking over at Nathan I told them why I didn't look like my father. I told them almost everything about my past or at least what I could remember. Minus the part of me being a werewolf. Stunned Fyre asked," How did you survive the waterfall? It's not possible that a normal witch could survive that." Debating on weither or not to tell them the truth about me, I asked," Can you keep a secret?" I knew I shouldn't be so trusting but I felt safe around Fyre and Nathan. And they were my first friends besides Draco.

Making sure no one was listening, I whispered," I'm a werewolf." Nathan chuckled," Haha that's a good one." Annoyed, I said," I'm serious. If you think I'm lying, then watch at the full moon and look outside to see if there is anything big and black running around. Nathan quieted up then Fyre stated," I believe you. Although you probably should've waited until you new you could trust us." " You're probably right." I said with a chuckle. " But you two are my first friends." Our conversations went on until we got to Hogwarts.


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