Down Below (IT Fanfic)

This is kind of an AU thing where Bill decides to accompany Georgie instead of letting him play outside alone. It's based off the 2017 movie, but I'm not really following the script because I forgot the order of events orz. This is a one shot too, but split into several parts.


4. Chapter 4

Hundreds, if not thousands, of images simultaneously flash through Bill's mind; each memory seems to last for hours, though in reality they vanish in the blink of an eye. As his hands flail uselessly in all directions, his mind goes blank for a moment as he's lost in the world of memories and childhood nostalgia. When he finally regains back control of his mind, he's startled to find himself dangling and suspended in thin air. While the creature still has its clawed hand tightly gripped around his ankle, part of his blue raincoat is snagged on a protruding pipe. In most cases, the heavy weight of the clown will have been more than enough to rip the coat and drag Bill down into the abyss, but this is not one of those cases.

The clown is floating.
Literally floating, without the support of solid ground.

Unable to fight back, Bill can only stare down at its glowing eyes and toothy grin. It doesn't seem to be doing anything to him yet, apart from hang onto his limb like a child with a helium-filled balloon. Nevertheless, the intimidating aura that surrounds its bulky figure is more than enough to have Bill fearing for his life. Along with the fact that he could fall down deeper into the manhole and possibly break his neck of course.

But just when he thinks all is lost (again), a voice yells out to him from above the hole.
"We're going to pull you up, Billie!"
He looks up and stares into the eyes of his brother, swollen and teary from continuous crying. There's a hand reaching down for him to grab a hold of, but it belongs not to Georgie, but to his father. He's never been more relieved to see his family again, and can feel an onslaught of tears threatening to burst through his eyelids. Their mother pops into view as she carefully nudges the younger brother away from the hole, fearing for the life of both sons.

Despite the unshakeable feeling of exhaustion overwhelming his entire body, Bill raises a trembling hand towards his father's own extended support. He can't help but sigh loudly in relief when their fingers finally touch and a strong hand envelops his own. Now all he's got to do is somehow shake the horrid clown off and allow himself to be pulled back up.

The clown isn't entirely impressed with the family reunion occurring above however. In response to all this commotion, it suddenly yanks down on his ankle in a forceful manner and Bill's father almost loses his grasp. The boy screams in panic, a sudden rush of adrenaline coursing through his body in retaliation against the unwelcome scare.
"What's wrong, Billie? Are you s-s-scared? Don't you want to float too? We've got alllll sorts of wonders down h-h-here..." The clown cruelly taunts, imitating his stutter in an attempt to mock him. It sort of works.

Bill closes his eyes, like doing so might save him from this nightmare, but it's mainly because he doesn't want to show the monster just how scared he really is. He doesn't want its taunts to be validated.
With his eyes firmly shut, other senses become heightened. He can feel the monster slowly but steadily climb up his leg like a ladder, while at the same time hear his father grunting from the effort of having to carry something that's suddenly increased in weight.

And that's when he hears something. Something... Almost strange and ethereal. Something unfamiliar, unlike anything he's ever heard.
A voice, not his own, is talking to him in his head. It seems to be talking only to him, as no-one else seems to notice anything else happening.

It gains its strength from the fears of children, Bill. Resist your fears and face them head-on.

But just as the voice appears out of nowhere, it vanishes just as fast, leaving only confused thoughts and questions unanswered. Bill still fully understands what it was trying to tell him though, and decides to put the advice into action.
"Y-you're not real. I'm not s-s-scared of you." He does his best to sound fierce and annoyed, but there's a limit to how much of a facade he can put on. Either way, the creature stops in its tracks and glares wordlessly at Bill. He wonders if provoking it to this extent is a good idea.
"I'm as real as you are, Billie."

Although it manages to retort back at him, he can sense the grip on his leg loosen. He needs to keep this up, no matter how terrified he is of what may happen.
"No, y-you're not. You're lying."
The grip loosens some more, but the toothy grin on the clown's face is contorting into a demonic snarl. It's angry.
"I-if you're that real and strong, I wouldn't be alive right now, huh?"
That's the last straw. The clown suddenly releases his limb as it prepares to maul and mangle his body, claws extending from the ends of its white gloves.
But before it can actually attack him, Bill's father is finally given the opportunity to yank him up and out of the manhole.

The boy hurriedly lifts his legs out of the way and in doing so, notices the downtrodden, disappointed expression on its face. With Bill now in the safety of his family and hordes of other adults, there's no way it can drag him back in again. Instead, it floats down further into the darkness and vanishes completely out of sight. Not even a single shred of evidence of it ever being there is left in plain view.
"T-that's right! Stay there and never come back, you asshole!" Bill hollers into the hole until he's pulled away by his parents and carried onto an ambulance stretcher.

The nurses attend to his wounds as best as they can while they kickstart the engine. His family is seated around the stretcher, watching him with worried eyes.
"M-mom... Dad..." He weakly grins, and they smile back in return, though the anxious expressions in their eyes don't fade away. Georgie stays the closest to him, and waves their paper boat around in his face as if to say, "look, we've still got it," but then realises now isn't the time for such things and quietly shoves it away into his pockets.
Even though he knows he's safe for now, Bill can't stop thinking about the clown and the fact it tried to eat him. It feels like he can't settle down completely until he tells his parents about the ordeal.

Before he can say a word however, his mother speaks up first.
"Bill! What the hell were you doing near that hole? You're only lucky Georgie came home to tell us what you were doing!"
"I-We were playing, but then a clown-" He splutters in protest. He's shocked that the only thing his mother can think of doing is reprimand them for going out in the rain.
"No buts! I told you today was going to storm, and you even had the audacity to go out while sick and bring Georgie along with you!"
Bill stares at her numbly.
"We were attacked... By a c-clown..." His voice trails off and Georgie nods his head vigorously to confirm the answer.

Their parents look at each other for a moment before bursting out laughing. It doesn't last long however, as the sight of their son's severed arm brings them back to their senses.
"What are you saying? Our neighbour says you cut your arm on some road construction equipment." His mother looks out the ambulance's back-window and gestures at the crowd of adults still huddled around the manhole, discussing with themselves over what to do with the sudden anomaly.
"Your father here didn't see any... clown either, did he?"

Bill glances helplessly at his father who, much to his disappointment, pipes up in agreement.
"No, I saw nothing while dragging you up, son. Your coat was snagged on a pipe, so it took longer than expected to rescue you."
His heart sinks. Sensing his emotions, Georgie butts into the conversation to have his own input.
"We saw it, mom! There was a clown! It ate Billie's arm!"
Their mother hits his leg gently, though a stern expression remains on her tired face. It's obvious she's getting sick of this.
"You boys are letting your imagination get the best of you. There was NO clown, and that's that. It was the rain playing tricks on your mind, got it?"
"And besides, if there IS - supposedly - someone going around harming children, the neighbour would've seen him."

The brothers look at each other in shocked silence, unable to believe what they're hearing. Bill looks away from his parents and out the window. A red balloon floats gently amidst the wind in the distance but he keeps quiet about it. It's strange, and he doesn't know the reason why, but perhaps children are the only ones who can see the monster. The adults are all useless.

"Yeah. I g-g-guess it was all in my h-head then." He quietly responds, and allows himself to drift off to sleep. The exhaustion is becoming too much for him and he doesn't want to think about it anymore.

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