Down Below (IT Fanfic)

This is kind of an AU thing where Bill decides to accompany Georgie instead of letting him play outside alone. It's based off the 2017 movie, but I'm not really following the script because I forgot the order of events orz. This is a one shot too, but split into several parts.


3. Chapter 3

Both siblings remain where they are, frozen in fear, as a pair of large, clawing hands reach out over the edge of the manhole. Foul-smelling puddles of grey slime lie in its wake as the human-like creature emerges without warning, and the brothers are so petrified by the awful sight before them that they don't even move to barricade their noses from the powerful stench. The only thing they can do is tremble and stare up at its large, intimidating figure. Ironically, it is quite evident by the nature of the white and red make-up smeared all over its face that it's supposed to resemble a clown, even despite its worn-out clothes and messy tangle of unbrushed hair.

It feels so surreal. Just so surreal. Bill pinches his arm hard to ensure he's not sleeping, and he's dismayed to find himself still stuck in this current situation. Eyes trained on the creature's own bulbous orange ones, (he now realises that perhaps the glowing lights he saw in the darkness did not belong to rats), a million questions run through his head at once. What is it? Is it human? Why is it dressed as a clown?

What does it intend to do to us?

The clown suddenly twitches - like it knows what Bill is thinking - and lunges forward in their direction, its snarling, red-painted mouth gaping open to reveal multiple sets of razor-sharp teeth. Its eyes bulge out in a gross fish-like fashion, the eyeballs on the edge of popping out of their sockets. For a moment, Bill remains standing there dumbly as he thinks about how the teeth reminds him of that one particular shark movie. He's only seen it once as a kid, but the memory of it still lingers heavily in his mind. The fear he felt then while watching the movie is similar to the fear he feels now, although this is on a different scale because it's happening in real life. For reasons unbeknownst, the Jaws theme begins playing in his head and it's not until he's actually staring directly down the clown's orange-illuminated throat that he finally snaps out of it and pushes Georgie away.
"Run, Georgie! G-get away from h-here!" He screams, raising one free hand to guard his face as the other has just been used to nudge his brother to safety. 

Tears are continuously streaming down the younger boy's face as Georgie tightens his grip on the paper boat. He wishes he'd never gone out to play to play today, and that he'd never asked Bill to come with him. But despite the immense guilt consuming his heart and mind like a tornado, he hesitates before taking a step backward. Then another. And another. 
His throat burns like crazy as his legs carry him further and further away from the manhole, the monster, and most important of all, his big brother. A terrified shriek threatens to ripple out from his mouth - a plea for help - but he only succeeds in releasing a tiny squeak not even his own ears can register through the panic and chaos erupting around him. The S.S Georgie falls to the ground as he picks up the pace, hands trembling in shock and horror.

Back at the hole, Bill's voice has become raspy and hoarse from all the pained screaming he's been engaging in. Surprisingly, he hasn't caught the attention of any neighbours yet and he feels like this is some cruel, sick joke played by the heavens above. Having been too late to do anything but protect his face earlier, his left arm is now left in the clutches of the creature's teeth. No matter how hard he thrashes or punches its nose in protest, it stubbornly refuses to release his limb. 
"Let go of me, y-you sick fuck!" A lame insult, but otherwise still an insult that seems to do the trick. The clown slowly opens its mouth in response but before Bill can withdraw his arm, rows upon rows of shark-like teeth immediately clamp down again with a pressure so intense it ends up severing it instead. 

Bill watches on in horror as the clown's red lips - now smeared all over with wet blood, his blood - curls upwards in a sickening smile. No, not a smile. It's more of a smirk, as the creature seems to be mocking him and his desperate attempt to free his limb. Haha. Too bad.
Blood spurts from the stump in steady streams, dribbling onto the asphalt road in a sticky mess. He's starting to feel dizzy and light-headed from the loss of vital liquids, and wonders if this is how he's going to die. It's a miracle he didn't faint from the pain, but now wishes he did. As his vision momentarily blurs, he can vaguely make out the clown chewing noisily on what must be his severed arm. It's a grotesque, squelchy sound that sounds nothing like eating "normal" meat and he gags in reflex. 

Once the meal is over, the clown dives back down into the manhole and Bill utters a sigh in unconcealed relief. The searing pain is beginning to play tricks on his senses and everything feels numb; both his mind and physical body. He manages to rip a piece off his shirt at least, and wraps it tightly around the stump. Just like in the movies. 
A light turns on in the house closest to him and this lifts up his hopes for a chance of rescue. Through the pouring rain several metres away, he also barely sees Georgie running towards him with their parents in tow. Despite the missing limb, a small smile breaks out across his pale face as he realises that perhaps he's going to survive after all. 

But just when it feels like things can't possibly get any worse, it does, and Bill's left screaming again when clawing hands grab at his ankle. Suddenly, all those people coming to his rescue seem so far away, and he paws helplessly at the ground beneath his writhing body as he's dragged towards the manhole. A low voice emanates from the darkness below him just before he drops over the edge.

"Hello, Billie boy. Would you like to float?"




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